what to eat to get rid of acne fast

What to Eat to Get Rid of Acne Fast

acneAcne is a skin disease that affects nearly 9 in 10 teens and two in five women.  It causes sores on the face, neck, chest, and sometimes the back.  One of its main causes is hormonal changes. 

The common acne that we know ("acne vulgaris") is a skin condition characterized by pimples on the skin, especially on the face.  Acne can apply to any part of the body at any age, but it is often adolescents who experience it, especially on the face and back.  Some factors that trigger acne such as puberty cannot be avoided, however it is still possible to prevent pimples and spots just by keeping a healthy diet.

Acne is highly treatable and this article will teach you what to eat to get rid of acne fast.

How diet and exercise can help acne

Drink enough water to stay hydrated. This can certainly help you keep a clean and healthy skin.  Many scientists say that water helps eliminate toxins from your body.  That said, you do not need to drink eight glasses of water a day, but to drink enough to compensate for the water that you could lose for example playing sports. 

Eat healthy.   Research has proven for many decades that diets have a real impact on the development of acne and its degrees of manifestation.   A balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits, lean protein, whole wheat, cereals, healthy fats (such as omega 3 fatty acids), nuts and seeds can absolutely help your body fight against acne. 

It goes without saying that if you follow a healthy diet you will feel better and have more energy.  Here is a list of foods other than those mentioned above, which can benefit you. 

vitamin aVitamin A: Vitamins help your body eliminate fat as well as proteins that can cause acne.  You can take vitamin A as a food supplement or simply eat foods that are rich in vitamin A such as fish oil, salmon, carrots, spinach, broccoli, etc.

Zinc:  It is suggested that people with acne do not have enough zinc in their bodies.   Scientists suggest that the zinc creates an unfavourable proliferation of bacteria responsible for acne.  Foods rich in Zinc include turkey, wheat germ, oysters, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, etc.  Zinc supplements can be purchased here.

omega fatty acidsOmega 3 fatty acids.  They promote cell renewal and prevent inflammation which will reduce acne.  It is found in flaxseed, salmon, sunflower seeds, and almonds.   It can be purchased as a supple ment here.

It goes without saying that junk food will be harmful to your skin. Research shows that diets high in glycaemic content and where sugary foods are eaten such as chocolate, French fries and pizza are often behind the occurrence of acne.   

Furthermore, milk also can be the source of acne.  Research has discovered that milk and other dairy products are full of hormones (testosterone or androgens), which can cause the level of insulin in the body rise, as would the sugar and the starch present in the glucose content of foods.   Scientists are now unravelling the very real link between dairy and acne.  However you do not need to deprive yourself completely of these products, just be careful not to eat too much.

Avoid excess alcohol and cigarettes. They are not good for your complexion.  Many studies worldwide have shown that toxins such as alcohol and tobacco can trigger acne.  It is not really surprising, smoking and drinking are not friends with your health.  If you smoke and drink regularly, seriously plan to stop if you value your health.

Get active to reduce your stress and prevent pimples.  Physical activity is very important and beneficial if we want to de-stress.  Stress is unfortunately one of the leading causes of acne, whether for children or adults.  Ways to reduce stress is a good match for you and your skin.

benzoyl peroxideIf you want to reduce your stress, try to get enough sleep as well.   Several studies have shown that lack of sleep can seriously increase stress in the individual.  Try sleeping between 9 and 10 hours if you are under 18, and 7 to 8 hours if you are an adult.

Use anti-acne products

Use Benzoyl peroxide. It is used to destroy acne causing bacteria.  It is found at several concentration levels but studies have shown that a solution with a concentration level of 2 -5% is as effective as other of 5% or 10%, but is not harmful on the skin.   In addition to this, Benzoyl peroxide removes dead skin layers whilst leaving it brighter and rejuvenated.  It can be purchased here - Benzoyl peroxide.

Use salicylic acid.  Salicylic acid acts on the acne in the same manner as benzoyl peroxide by removing bacteria which is responsible for bad skin.  It even promotes rapid regeneration of skin cells.  Before bedtime and after washing salicylic acidyour face, apply a little salicylic acid on the affected areas.

Also consider using the essential oil of the tea tree.  Although it is not a specific treatment for acne, it is a very good homemade remedy.  It has anti-inflammatory properties and decreases spots to the point of not being seen.    In one study, the oil was proven to be as effective as Benzoyl Peroxide on scars suffered by the acne patients.

Since tea tree oil can be very strong, think of diluting it in a little water before applying it to your skin using a cotton swab or something like that.  Be careful because if you use too much you may irritate your skin.

tea tree oilIf things get too serious that you cannot get rid of your acne on your own, seek medical help.  Dermatologists are trained to treat everything related to the skin. 

The dermatologist may prescribe a preparation containing clindamycin or Benzoyl peroxide which are both well-known treatments with regard to acne problems (see above).  These medications are often more powerful and efficient than solutions available on the market.

Maintain good hygiene

facial cleanserWash your face daily, preferably twice a day. Once in the evening and once in the morning when you wake up, gently wash your face with warm water.  Relatively warm water is much more appropriate and effective to clean your face because higher temperatures open the pores.

There are several facial cleaners on the market.  Make sure you choose one that is most appropriate for your skin type (oily skin, dry skin, normal skin, etc.)   An oily skin will require a much stronger formula than a dry skin.

Wash your hands before washing your face.  What good is it to wash your face if your hands are dirty and filthy?  If you want good results wash your hands first.

Do not rub too hard.  Some people prefer to wash their face with a washcloth, however the hands are probably better.

moisturizerMoisturize your skin after each wash. Hydration is especially important because when you wash your face.  In washing your face you are removing the sebum which is the natural oil produced through the pours of the skin.  However it can also leave the skin dry.  Moisturizing the skin helps prevent the drying out process.  You can find the best Moisturizers here.

"Sebum is an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands in mammalian skin. Its main purpose is to make the skin and hair waterproof and to protect them from drying out. An excess of sebum, however, can make the skin or hair oily, and it can begin to smell when broken down by bacteria outside the body. "

• Choosing your moisturizer also depends on your skin type:

- Oily Skin: Choose a lightweight moisturizing gel that hydrates your skin.

- Dry skin: Opt for a moisturizing cream.  Creams generally have an effect that lasts longer than gels. 

face maskExfoliate your skin once a week. That is to say, gently wipe the outer layer of your skin, in order to get rid of dead cells and to clean the pores.  This will help you improve your complexion.  You can also purchase a face masks for acne in supermarkets or online that can prepare in your home.  The important thing is not to do too much, once a week is more than enough.

Never go to bed without removing makeup. If you wear makeup you very often get used to removing makeup before going to bed.  It's a chore, yes, I grant you, but if you leave it, it can clog your pores and cause acne thereafter.  You can obtain cleansing wipes that can quickly remove make-up without too much trouble.


Avoid contact with the hands. The hands are bacteria mines as they are used for many things.  Avoid hand contact with your face in order not to transmit bacteria.  Similarly, avoid sharing the contents of your toilet bag with your siblings if they have acne: towels, hair barrettes, brushes and makeup brushes ... etc.

Wash your pillowcase every weekend. The sebum that you will have left throughout the week can build up and cause of acne. 

Also pay attention to your hair, especially if you have oily skin. The way you deal with your hair can affect the appearance of acne, especially on your forehead.  The scalp secretes natural oils to give the hair the shine and satin effect that we know.  Whilst these oils are essential and beneficial for your hair, your skin does not need them.  So try to wash your hair at least once every two days.  Try to find the right balance to keep both beautiful hair and a clean and healthy skin.

Be careful what products you apply to your hair.  Gels, mousses and sprays can reach your pores and clog them.  Be vigilant and selective in the products you use for your hair, especially if you have acne on your forehead.

Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight, it can harm your skin. I bet you know that this can cause skin cancer, but did you also that the very frequent sun exposure can accelerate the onset of acne. When you know you will expose yourself to the sun for long periods, consider putting sunscreen that is non-comedogenic-that is to say that will prevent clogging of pores- in order to counter the harmful effect of sunlight.

General Advice for Acne

Always wash your face when you sweat because the secreted sebum may be responsible for causing acne.  Likewise, stress in turn can cause sores.

Do not be lazy when it comes to taking care of your skin.

If spots appear on one side of your face, this may be due to your pillow or your phone.  Make sure they are all clean.

If you wear makeup often or you put sunscreen on, wash your face every night before bedtime.   Otherwise your makeup will have ample time to become embedded in your skin and get into your pores.

If you have oily skin, you might be suffering now, but look on the bright side.  People with oily skin have less wrinkles.

It is said that green apples are very effective against acne.  Eat them on a daily basis to guard against 0pimples (cut into pieces if necessary, and eat them throughout the day).  Combine this drinking plenty of water and you will have a good treatment for beautiful skin.

Try to make a habit of washing your face twice a day, and apply a weak solution of Benzoyl peroxide and finish with a non-comedogenic
moisturizer.  (Please consult your doctor or pharmacist before applying any product.)

honey for acneGo Natural -Mix honey with orange or lemon juice and apply it to your skin.  This will allow you to significantly reduce the spots due to acne and is a natural way to clean your pores.  Or buy honey products already made.

Try sleeping on your back as much as possible in order to minimize contact with the pillow.

If you wear glasses, clean them also.

Avoid alcohol (especially beer) and spicy foods.  An unhealthy diet will lead to unhealthy skin.

Drink herbal tea or black tea at least once a day to clean the internal system of all toxins.

Spread honey with the back of a spoon on your face.  Tap lightly always using the spoon and then wash your face.  (Do this just before showering to avoid getting water everywhere).  You will see that your skin is more clean and soft as honey remarkably cleans the skin and removes impurities.

Sometimes the best treatment is one that draws its strength from nature, and is based on natural products.  As for example Witch Hazel.  It can be applied with a cotton swab to your face after washing it.   Click here for more details.

Why not seek help from a dermatologist if you feel you need expert help.

If you smoke, consider stopping.  Nicotine and the various components of cigarette can be responsible for acne pimples. 

Why not treat yourself occasionally a facial.  This will help you have a smother and cleaner skin.

accutaneIf you have tried everything and nothing works, try Accutane.  It helps to remove acne from the root or even get rid of it for forever.  However, it has side effects, some of which can be quite dangerous.

Take psyllium seed husks once or twice a day to clean your colon.  This is another way to purify your body and thus your skin.


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