Top 5 Essential oils to Relieve Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Top 5 Essential oils to Relieve Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attacks

essential oilsEssential oils or aromatherapy can be very helpful for an anxiety or panic attack sufferer to use.  Essential oils are tremendously soothing and relaxing and can be used every day to help calm your nerves.

Essential oils

In the same way that there are a lot of plants to relieve stress, there is also a multitude of essential oils.  There are so many in fact that I’m not going to discuss all their uses and their benefits.  Instead I will discuss only those that interest me the most.  These incude

-      The essential oils that relax;

-      Those that relieve anxiety, stress and anxiety;

-      Essential oils that produce wellness every day.

But first, for those starting out, how are essential oils used?

There are 3 ways to use essential oils:

 - Breathing

 - The application to oneself (on the skin)

 - Taken orally

1 - By breathing:

By breathing I do not mean you need to sniff the essential oils like a glue sniffer!

diffuserTo breathe an essential oil and enjoy its benefits a diffuser is used.  You've probably seen one before there quite fashionable.

I will run though some of the ways diffusers are used -

• You can use a diffuser which directly diffuses the pure essential oil.  They are very powerful and are often used for just a few minutes and by then the smell will be present throughout your home.

• Another softer method is to use diffuser oil and water.  The advantage of this is that you can let it diffuse continuously.  It is somewhat less effective than the first method because the oil is not used pure but diluted.  Personally I really like this method because it emits a subtle scent but it still fills the whole room.  You can have a more background smell which is very relaxing and humidifies the room.

• One of the other ways is to spread the oil through the heat of a candle.  Again it is very efficient regarding the distribution of the perfume, but it may decrease the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.


2 - Apply it Your-self

The second way to use an essential oil is to apply it yourself.  Some oils are applied directly (pure) on the solar plexus (chest) on the wrists, the feet ... But beware, some other oils will sometimes need to be mixed with other oils such as vegetable oil.  Finally, a common practice is to put a few drops in a bath or blend massage oil.

 3 - Orally

Finally, some oils can also be taken orally.  They are usually mixed with something else such as a spoon of honey, olive oil or sugar cane.


As some essential oils should not be ingested its best to seek advice from a professional who will prepare a cocktail of oils tailored to your problem.  You can find tailor made essential oils you can take orally here.

Below are some recommendations for oils that can help you relax.  However you must remember that essential oils are powerful compounds and are not to be used under certain circumstances.  They are especially not recommended for pregnant women, young children, and people with epilepsy.

The Top 5 essential oils that have relaxing properties

essential oils orangeOil of bitter orange

It is also called the Small Seville orange or by its Latin name "Citrus aurantium".

Its scent alone brings rest and relaxation.  I advise you to diffuse this oil in the air.  You can also apply a few pure drops on the skin (chest, wrists, or soles of the feet).  This oil can also be taken internally (2 drops in honey, olive oil or cane sugar).  For reviews or more info click here


essential oils roman chamomileRoman chamomile essential oil

"Chamaemelum nobile" is a major anti-stress essential oil.  Apply it undiluted on the torso area before or after a stressful episode.  You can find more information here about chamomile essential oil here.


marjoram shellEssential oil of the marjoram shell

"Origanum majorana" can be applied to the skin, pure or taken internally.  It is effective against anxiety and to fight against stress.  It is also known to rebalance nervous disorders.  For more Info click here 


Elavender oilssential oil of lavender

The oil "Lavandula angustifolia" is excellent for calming stress and anxiety.  It can help you relax and can also act as an anti-depressive.

The Application of Lavender Oil - it can be used on the skin after dilution, it can be diffused in the air or taken internally.  You can also put a few drops in your bath.  A little trick is to put 2 drops on the back of the pillowcase to promote rapid sleep and fight against insomnia.


essential oil citrusMandarin essential oil

"Citrus reticulata" is very effective against anxiety, insomnia, stress and agitation in general.  You can apply it to your skin, or it can be taken internally (with 2 drops in honey, olive oil or sugar cane, 3 times per day).  For reviews click here


ylang ylangThere are other essential oils which are effective against stress and anxiety such as the essential oil of ylang-ylang.  Ylang Oil can assist with problems such as high blood pressure, rapid breathing and heartbeat, and nervous conditions.

essential oil jasmineFinally the essential oil of the jasmine flower is also a good one to try and can be put in a bath. It’s warm, sweet smell gives off a floral aroma.   This can make the person feel romantic, relaxed and calm.


If you know of other essential oils that may help stress and anxiety please comment below..............


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