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 Welcome to Positive Panic Attacks!

Hi! I’m Tim Russell, creator of Positive Panic Attacks. If you’re new around here, or just wondering what I’m up to, this page is for you!

family photoFirst things first, this isn’t your typical anxiety or panic attack website. I’m not going to try and trick you into buying some miracle cure. I’m not going to bore you with paid celebrity endorsements that make unbelievable promises and hype some $100 eBook.

I don’t think that’s right. Taking advantage of people trying to improve their life, health and habits. So I’m going against the grain. Letting you pay what you want for my recovery program.

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If you want to be happy and healthy, the best time to start is right now! Stop thinking. Take action.

Do this Click here to check out all of the pay what you want modules. It’s that simple. No sales pitch. No nonsense. You either want it or you don’t. I know you do. So, start now!

What’s In It for Me?

A lot of people ask, “What’s it for you?” That’s easy. I told you. I want everyone to be happy and healthy. I mean it. That’s my mission. It’s what I’m going to do. Help people.

My Story

Maybe it would help to know some things about me. I think my story will help explain my mission.

It all started in 1997 when I left university aged 21.  I slowly descended into a world of anxiety and panic attacks.  For ten long years I was just living in fear.  Everyday activities that ‘normal people’ would consider boring, would be excruciating anxiety filled events for me.

It was dark there for a while. I had a rough time. Eventually I began to rebuild. Once I did, I promised myself I would only do work I believed in. That I enjoyed. The kind that brought value to others.

When I started doing things I love, when I began to invest in myself, cultivate my passions, embrace happiness as a way of life, things began to fall into place. I’m proud to say I’ve kept the promise I made to myself. I’ve created a life I enjoy, doing things I am passionate about. It’s centered on health and personal development.

As it turned out, the thing that made me happy was helping other people achieve their version of health and happiness. The more people I connected with, the more I realized that, deep down, we all want to live a remarkable life. We want to go our own way. To write our own rules.

Of course that’s really easy to talk about. It’s much more difficult to do. Still, it can be done. I did it. You can too. All you have to do is get with the program, be happy and work really hard. I call it health, happiness and freedom from anxiety.