Panic Attack Breathing

Panic Attack Breathing

mediationOne of the first things that people notice when they get anxious is their breathing changes.  As a person’s body becomes tense, muscles contract, and this tends to force the sufferer to breath from their chest rather than their abdomen.  When you’re in a state of calm, take note on how you breathe.  A good time to do this is when you go to bed at night.  You will notice if you’re relaxed, when you breathe in your tummy will move up as you inhale air, and when you exhale your tummy will back go down.  This will be a rhythmic motion and you will feel good and restful.


Breathing Techniques for Panic Attacks

When a person tenses, their tummy muscles contract almost as if you’re expecting a punch under your belt.  This forces the person to breath from the chest area.  If you’re exerting yourself this kind of breathing is perfectly normal.   You will Breathing Panic Attacksautomatically start to breathe from your chest area.   This is because your body needs oxygen fast so your breathing will be faster and shallower, not long deep breaths as if you were relaxing.  When you’re in a stressful, frightening situation (or what your mind perceives to be) your body will take over your breathing for you. 

This is fine if you genuinely need to fight or run.  But if you’re in the middle of a stressful meeting you don’t want to be breathing like you’re running a marathon!  Over breathing adds to the vicious cycle of panic symptoms and can lead to person feeling very unwell.  This is completely harmless but it can make you feel flustered and faint. This is called HYPERVENTIALTION.  Basically all this means is you are breathing faster than your body needs to.

You will have to learn techniques to slow your breathing down, make sure you breathe from your abdomen and combine this with relaxation.  Controlling your Breathing, Relaxing and Changing the way you think are powerful tools to overcome anxiety. 


Breathing Techniques

I have read several books on this subject and I would recommend either Anxiety Free: Stop Worrying and Quieten Your Mind - The Only Way to Oxygenate Your Brain and Stop Excessive and Useless Thoughts Featuring the Buteyko Breathing Method and Mindfulness  or The Breathing Book: Vitality and Good Health Through Essential Breath Work .  Both tell you the benefits of deep breathing which will help reduce feelings of panic and anxiety, but you can also control your emotions much better if you breath correctly.  If you are after listening to guided breathing through headphones than can find Breathing MP3 Downloads  here.

Relaxtion / Hypnosis Cd's - Contrary to what they claim should be used as a relaxation aid rather than any quick fix
Thoroughly recommend you read through the description of the Cd to make sure you know what they contain.  Some techniques may work better than others for you, so taylor them to suit your needs.

Hypnosis Cd for Panic and Anxiety Attacks   A very good hypnosis Cd thats especially produced for panic attack sufferers.  The more you use it and apply the techniques the more benefit you will get.

Control Stress : Stop Worrying and Feel Good Now   I have included this in the Cd section but the bulk of the information is in a book format.  Paul Mckenna is one of the most famous hypnotists, and this book/Cd gives sound practical advice on decreasing stress.  The book has lots of techniques and tips which need to be applied and can bring a sense of reality when you might start thinking negative thoughts.


Glen Harrold hypnosis cds Glenn Harrold has produced lots of different Cd's from weight loss to inner clam.  They certainly helped me in my recovery and I would recommend them fully.  If you click on the link you can search through the Cd's he has produced and see if any catch your fancy.

Ultimate Relaxation   A guided meditation by the well known Dr Hilary Jones (you have probably seen him on morning TV).  Contains tips and techniques on relaxation. 

Dream Surf   If you like the sound of the ocean then this will be the Cd for you. 

Body and Soul - Relaxation: Resting the Mind Reviving the Body If you like just gentle soothing music without any hypnosis, meditation or talking then I recommend this.

You can find the bestselling Relaxation/Anxiety Cd's  here.  The most popular Relaxation MP3 Downloads  can be found here and you can listen to a preview.

You can find some FREE meditation and relaxtions audios at excelatlife

If you want to record your own relaxation recordings then I have relaxation scripts/exercises you can record yourself.  I good way to do this is record them on your mobile phone and listen to the exercises when you need to.

Meditation  books

Self Help for Your Nerves: Learn to relax and enjoy life again by overcoming stress and fear

Pass Through Panic: Freeing Yourself from Anxiety and Fear [Audiobook] [Audio CD]

Ultimate Relaxation

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