Tranquilix is a safe and natural, fast acting medication for anxiety.  Tranquilix is a supplement which aim's is to give the anxiety sufferer relief within 15 minutes after taking the medication and for this to continue throughout the day. 

The ingredients include minerals and enzymes which are combined with an AES® Absorption system to act quickly.

 tranquilix review

TranquiliX is an extremely popular product for stress, panic attacks and anxiety and is formulated to reduce stress symptoms.  It can help produce feelings of relaxation.

Unlike conventional medication there is no side effects as it contains only natural ingredients which is free of binders, fillers and artificial ingredients.

The reviews of this product is overwhelming positive.  The manufacturer's of this product state that if it does not improve your condition they are willing to offer a refund after 90 days of usage.

The product also helps with insomnia and restless sleep.




Valerian Root


Passion Flower Herb

Peppermint Leaves

Catnip Herb

Skullcap Root



What are the common side effects?

TranquiliX is FDA approved and has no reported side effects. It has been stated that clinical studies have proved its effectiveness in relieving stress and anxiety.



Has Tranquilix cracked the code for stress and anxiety? A blend of popular stress relieving herbs such as Valerian Root and Amino supplements such as L-theanine and 5-htp working together to ease your body and mind may be worth trying.


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