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You have probably come to this page because you have read an extract from my Anti-Anxiety Diet eBook.

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Diet plays such an important role in overcoming anxiety and panic attacks. 

Anxiety can’t be solely blamed on what we eat.  However in my opinion when I started to improve my diet I saw one of the biggest improvements in my condition.  Diet is also one of the easiest things to change to see the greatest benefit. 

Below you will find some questions.  If the answer is YES to most of the questions then my diet is definately going to help you.

Do you....... 

1. Find that your heart races when you skip or delay a meal? 
2. Eat when you feel anxious or nervous?
3. Get brown spots on your skin?
4. Nibble between meals? 
5. Feel short of breath or breathe rapidly for no apparent reason? 
6. Get hungry or feel lightheaded unless you eat frequently?
7. Have crying spells, a short temper, or other strong emotional outbursts? 
8. Get headaches when you go several hours without eating? 
9. Feel faint if you skip or delay a meal?  
10. Wake up after a few hours and have trouble getting back to sleep or need to eat before going back to sleep?  
11. Feel anxious or nervous?  
12. Need a pick-me-up like coffee or soda to get going in the morning?  
13. Feel fatigued?
14. Have a strong craving for sweets, starches, or caffeine? 
15. Feel "spacey" or have difficulty concentrating?  
16. Feel unable to decide things quickly?  
17. Feel sad or depressed?  
18. Find that your mood changes if you skip or delay a meal?  
19. Feel shaky or tremble? 
20. Feel dizzy or weak if a meal is delayed?
21. Experience blurred vision?  
22. Get cramps if you don't eat frequently? 
23. Drink more than two cups of caffeinated or sugary beverages per day?
24. Crave sweets, coffee, or other snacks, especially in the afternoons? 
25. Feel overwhelmed or "stressed out?" 
26. Find that your mood and symptoms improve after eating?
27. Get highly emotional or irritable before meals? 
28. Feel fatigued when you wake up in the morning?
29. Feel sleepy, tired, or a lack of energy during the day? 
30. Feel very hungry if you go several hours without eating.

Also The Anti-Anxiety Plan goes into detail on the best Herbs, Vitamins and Natural Supplements to take to overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks.  Great for people who wish to come off Anxiety medication.

Why I recommend Vitamins, supplements and herbs

It’s quite simple, they have extra advantages over prescription drugs.  Generally they do not have the strength of change within the human body like medication but they make slow subtle changes. The main advantages are –

Purple arrow  Not Addictive.
 Purple arrow Most supplement or herbal remedies do not heavy any side effects or with draw symptoms.  This is a massive advantage compared to modern medications like benzodiazepines, which have severe withdrawal risk.
 Purple arrow  More suitable for moderate anxiety.


Rather than jump straight into strong medication it’s much better to try natural products first. They can be easier to obtain and you can easily moderate them yourself.  Lots of people suffer from stress and it’s much better to try this first.  Quite often they can make you feel better physiologically even though there may have minimal effect on you physically.  This is often called the placebo effect.

No Personality changes or up and down feelings

The current herbal supplements on the market do not cause personality changes like some of the anti-anxiety medication.  You won’t feel drowsy or feel like your life has been sucked out of you!  Also because they don’t have the strength of conventional drugs if you need to feel anxiety, say if car pulls out in front of you, you will respond as you should (i.e. get out of the way.)

What The Anti-Anxiety Diet will Do For You

The Anti-Anxiety Diet will show you the exact diet to adhere to reduce anxiety symptoms and make your body more balanced and stable. 

Having an effective dietary plan with natural treatments can significantly reduce anxiety.  Lots of anxiety sufferers don't realize that what they eat is affecting their anxiety.  Our diets can either make us feel good or increase anxiety.   

You will learn in this eBook if you have a deficiency in certain minerals and vitamins and what you can do about it.  You will understand what hypoglycemia is and how you can overcome it.  You will learn about why blood sugar is so important.   Through diet and natural supplements you will see an improvement in your natural emotional balance. 

Whether you are an adult or child the Anti-Anxiety Diet will make you happier and healthier and improve your mental health.  It will also help if you intend to come off Anti-Anxiety medication.

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