Kava Kava Root Anxiety Reviews

Kava Kava Root Anxiety Reviews


Kava Kava Root Anxiety Reviews

KAVA, KAVA Root for Anxiety

Kava (Piper methysticum), is a herb used for thousands of years in the South Pacific islands and is renowned for its ability to cause profound relaxation and an overall sense of well-being.

The roots of the kava plant have long been used to make a drink that has sedative and aesthetic effects. It is consumed throughout the Pacific Ocean cultures of Polynesia, including Hawaii, Vanuatu, Melanesia and some parts of Micronesia.

In a recent study it was shown to be a potential natural alternative for the treatment of chronic clinical anxiety. The study showed compared with some other options it has less risk of dependency and less potential for side effects.

The eight-week study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology involved 75 patients who had been clinically diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder.  The participants were given either kava or placebo, and anxiety levels were regularly assessed.

kava kava rootThose in the kava group were given tablets twice per day consisting of water-soluble extracted kava (peeled rootstock) for a total dose of 120mg of kavalactones for the first three-week controlled phase. In cases of non-response, this was increased to a double-dose twice per day for the second three-week controlled phase.

Participants in the placebo group took matching dummy tablets in the same manner.

At the end of the study, the kava group showed a significant reduction in anxiety compared to the placebo group.  For those diagnosed with moderate to severe GAD, kava had an even greater effect in reducing anxiety.

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In the end, 26 percent of the kava group were in remission from their symptoms compared to six percent of the placebo group.

Kava was also well-tolerated. The findings showed no significant difference among the two groups for liver function, which had previously been a concern for kava’s medicinal use.

Furthermore, there were no significant adverse reactions that could be attributed to kava and no difference in withdrawal or addiction between the groups.

Kava is one of the most common natural supplements for anxiety and is the only one to have extensive research done on it.  Basically Kava root contains a high dose of kava lactones.  This compound in studies has shown to have psychoactive properties.  Interestingly there is more than one type of kavactone in kava, but all of them seem to promote calmness.

Kavalactones would appear to improve GABA and dopamine production and to prevent norepinephrine reptake.  This makes them invaluable for controlling anxiety.

Kava on the face of it seems to provide everything one needs from an anxiety, with no addiction risk and it can be favourably compared with benzodiazepines and buspirone.   The benefits include –

Mild Sedation

Relaxes the muscles

Pain Reduction

Anxiolytic (anti –anxiety properties)

Kava originally could be purchased in teas and is still sold in tea form today.   However the required dose to have any effect on your body would probably be too low in a cup of tea.  The kavactone levels are too small.  Kava can also be purchased in pill form from certain countries.

kava kava root anxietyOver recent years Kava has been removed from markets across Europe because research has linked Kava with liver damage and toxicity.  However further studies tended to dismiss the link between the herb and liver damage.  There are probably several reasons for this –

1. Kava seems to have a bad reaction with drugs and alcohol.

2. It depends which part of the Kava plant you use.  The root seems to be the more potent.

3. Some supplements use more synthetic kava compounds which make any testing unreliable.

The majority of studies seem to advocate the use of kava along as you’re not drinking alcohol and it’s under your doctor’s supervision.   

Kava Kava can be purchased in capsule, tea or powder form.

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