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Natural Herbal Treatment For Foot Fungus Athletes Foot

Summary of mycosis

foot fungusAthlete's foot, also known as athlete's feet, is a common infectious disease caused mainly by dermatophytes (Tinea pedis).  The most affected areas are the areas between the toes and under the nails (known also in this case as fungal nail infections ).

Sport foot fungus

Some people are more at risk of developing this type of fungal infections such as diabetics, those with circulatory problems, or in immunocompromised patients cortisone therapy as well as athletes.

Transmission of foot mycoses 

The transmission of fungal infections can occur through direct contact between individuals as well as by infected animals especially in a contaminated environment such as locker rooms, the area around the swimming pool, sauna, etc.  The use of objects and clothing of another person is also a common transmission medium.

Fungal infections 


The main symptoms of fungal infections of the feet include redness, peeling, pale skin, itching and often cracks.

People with this disease often have fungi present in other areas of the body such as hands, fingernails or groin.

Since this is a disease with characteristic signs, diagnosis is mostly a history (history of the disease) and by observation of symptoms.  If necessary, it is possible to take a sample at the point of the foot, and to perform a detection of the microscopic fungi.

Fungal creams 

The treatment of fungal infections is usually made ​​locally, that is to say, by applying a topical antifungal (cream, ointment) to the feet.  However, in more severe cases or resistance, antifungal oral (tablet) can be used.  One can also combine the two forms of treatment.

Smoke tree against foot fungus (Herbal remedy for athletes foot and toenail infections)

smoke tree leavesTo successfully treat foot fungus, prepare a highly concentrated infusion of smoke tree by boiling 40 g (1,41 oz) dry Smoke tree leaves, flowers and stems in 400 ml (0, 42 qt) water for about 20 minutes. Strain the leaves and dilute with warm water. Wait until the temperature of the infusion becomes bearable and soak your feet. Keep them in the mixture until the water cools down. Repeat once a day for 40 days.

The health benefits of the Smoke tree will help you treat foot fungus effectively but you should take care to prevent reinfection. This can easily be achieved by  not sharing shoes, towels, and bath mats. Don’t walk barefoot in public areas like locker rooms, swimming pools, communal showers, etc. Keeping your feet dry and practice good hygiene.  SMOKE TREE LEAVES CAN BE PURCHASED HERE.


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