Natural Herbal Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Natural Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids including Herbs, Vitamins & Supplements

Do you think you have the symptoms of hemorrhoids?  Often we do not dare talk about this taboo subject to our loved ones, or even our doctor.  Here is a detailed article that will help you determine if you have symptoms of hemorrhoids and herbal natural remedies that can help.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about haemorrhoids, including

  • What are hemorrhoids?
  • My tips for hemorrhoids
  • Hemorrhoids Treatment
  • Hemorrhoids home remedies
  • Hemorrhoids ointment
  • Hemorrhoids Symptoms Hemorrhoids Prevention
  • And natural remedies for haemorrhoids  including herbs, vitamins and supplements


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What are hemorrhoids?

hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids is an extremely common condition, it is estimated that about 30% of those over 50 years old are affected by hemorrhoids.  But where are the hemorrhoids?  The hemorrhoids are located between the rectum and the anus, and it can lead to excruciating pain in the anal area.

The word hemorrhoid comes from the ancient Greek word haemorrhoids, which translated means blood flow.  The most common symptom of hemorrhoids is blood in the stool (bright red blood deposits).  Hemorrhoids is also known as Piles.

Hemorrhoids will effect about one adult in three. They usually come later in life, but they may appear in early adulthood.  Hemorrhoids are actually present in the capillaries of the anal areas that help to retain gas and faeces.

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that appear in the anus or rectum.  The veins in the anal area are somewhat dilated at the time of defecation, which is perfectly normal.  However, unlike normal veins, hemorrhoids remain constantly inflated.

The root causes can be constipation, pregnancy and loss of tissue tone with age.  As for pregnant women the symptoms of hemorrhoids also seem to happen to women during pregnancy although in many cases they naturally disappear after the birth takes place.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids are easy to recognize: tingling near the anus, an annoyance when you sit and bleeding when going to the bathroom.  In general, a hemorrhoid episode of intense pain does not remain more than a few days, then symptoms resolve.

The vast majority of hemorrhoid sufferers manage to ease their pain with herbal and over counter medications.  However, it is possible that hemorrhoids can cause lasting pain.  It's possible in these cases, the best solution is an operation. 


The difference between  Internal and external hemorrhoids:


Let’s distinguish between the  two kinds of hemorrhoids:

Internal hemorrhoids are created in the anus or lower rectum.  They form a small growth.  They are distinguished and classified according to their stage of evolution.  If no action is taken to stop the evolution, they progress from one level to another.

  • 1st stage: the hemorrhoid resides inside the anus.
  • 2nd stage: the hemorrhoid out of the anus during defecation, then returns to normal position after.
  • 3rd stage: you must manually replace the hemorrhoid after defecation.
  • 4th stage: it is not possible to replace it.

External hemorrhoids are manifested in the skin at the opening of the anus.  It sometimes causes swelling in the area.  External hemorrhoids are more painful than internal hemorrhoids because they are more sensitive nerve fibres.  There is a greater risk of developing a blood clot in a dilated vein from internal hemorrhoids.


Possible Complications of Hemorrhoids

When the discomfort or mild pain becomes intense pain, it is the sign of a blood clot formed in a hemorrhoid.  This is known as a hemorrhoidal thrombosis, painful but harmless.  After 1 or 2 weeks, the symptoms should disappear with analgesics and stool softeners, which soften the stool.  Once the clot resorbed, it is possible that a swelling is formed (not painful) in the anus, which is called sawgrass

When to see your doctor about hemorrhoids?

It is recommended to consult a health care professional as soon as possible in case of anal bleeding.  This symptom may be a sign of another kind of anal disease or a more serious health problem.


Symptoms of hemorrhoids

When one is suffering from hemorrhoids, it is fairly easy to identify because the main symptoms can be recognized easily. They have various causes, such as poor diet, your liver malfunctioning ... etc.  The pain can become really acute, and if you experience the following symptoms it may be that you should pay attention to your body, to see what is not working properly.

The symptoms include –

-          Burning sensation, tingling or discomfort in the anal area.

-          Bleeding and mild pain with defecation.

-          Swelling of sensation inside the rectum.

-          Oozing mucus from the anus.

-          Output by the sensitive prominence anus (in the worst case).

-          Itching around the anus

Hemorrhoids Treatment

There are many ways to cure hemorrhoids.  Depending on the degree and severity of the condition, treatment will not be the same.

There are basically three options

-          You treat it yourself which is probably the best option first

-          You get prescription medication from your doctor

-          More sophisticated treatment such as surgery

Advances in medicine in the treatment of hemorrhoids have made ​​considerable progress as evidenced by the appearance of new pharmaceutical products for joint relief and healing of hemorrhoids.

In order to best anticipate hemorrhoidal attacks, it is highly recommended, as soon as the first signs of swelling veins, the use of painkillers like paracetamol to ease the pain immediately.  Treatment with an ointment can be done immediately.

A large number of natural methods exist to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids.  It's also advisable to change your diet and lifestyle whilst using the many anti-inflammatory creams available on the market which have proven to work.

In cases where, despite all these actions, no healing takes place and hemorrhoids persist, the person must always visit a doctor.

The worst mistake to commit for people with hemorrhoids is to not talk about it.  The longer we wait before taking action, the more the situation will worsen and even lead to surgery.  Yet, treatment and cure for hemorrhoids remains simple and accessible to all.

The best natural treatment against hemorrhoids

Here are some natural methods to cure hemorrhoids.

fruit vegatablesEating fibre is important.  They help stop constipation, a factor that can aggravate hemorrhoids.  It is therefore important to have a proper intake of fruits and vegetables and a high consumption of cereals.

Among the most used popular natural treatments plants, there is witch hazel, slippery elm (promoting the proper functioning of the digestive system), red vine (for blood circulation), etc ...

What form of natural treatments are there for hemorrhoids?

There are two types of treatment: pills and creams.  In reality, it is often useful to use them together because they do not have the same action but complement each other well.

Taking pills has an effect on blood circulation and digestive system to prevent future crises.

The cream, however, will have no preventive action but is normally used for local relief to face the pain and inflammation caused by hemorrhoids.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

Witch hazel hemorrhoidal Pads

tusksThe traditional method for treating hemorrhoids has been by using pads which are treated with a solution of witch hazel.  The bark of the witch hazel has been used for centuries to treat illnesses.  This was and still is an effective method provided you buy a quality product.

The pads are placed over the anus and they have a cooling feel and can help to repair the capillary area.

The pads are extremely popular and can be purcahsed here

However if someone has a serious haemorrhoid problem the vein can protrude quite a way and can be difficult to heal.  So here are other natural herbal products that can help.

Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream

Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment CreamNot 100% organic but its probably bestselling cream on the market for hemorrhoids.  It has hundreds of positive reviews and it treats

  • Itching, burning, and discomfort around the anus
  • Removes putrid tissues and promotes new tissue growth
  • Shrinks swollen hemorrhoidal tissues and heals anal fissures fast

It can be purchased here.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

Doctor Butler's Hemorrhoid & Fissure Ointment (FDA Approved Maximum Strength Pain Relief with Organic Healing Formula)

Doctor Butlers Hemorrhoid & Fissure OintmentThis is a naturally formulated cream made in the USA to help irritation in internal and external tissue.

It helps to instantly relieve pain, burning, itching, and swelling and is Bio-enhanced with organic herbs, minerals, and amino acids.  The product has great reviews and seems to work very well.

It can be purchased here

Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Anuice - FDA Approved Medical Device for Hemorrhoid Treatment

anuiceAnuice is 100% drug free and natural, which means it's safe for people with allergies, pregnant or nursing moms, older people, or people with chemical intolerances.

It works by freezing a substance inside the package and then applying it to the area of irritation.   Again it has really positive reviews but it’s recommended you keep this treatment going to stop the hemorrhoids from returning. 

Check out more information here

Natural Remedy for Haemorrhoids

Alleviate Hemorrhoid Treatment - 100% Natural and Organic. Fast Relief for Hemorrhoids. 9 Miracle Ingredients

Alleviate Hemorrhoid TreatmentAlleviate uses only natural, pure ingredients such as

Coconut, Cypress, Peppermint, Organic Beeswax, Calendula, Shea Nut Butter, Geranium, & Cocoa Jojoba.

The cream supplied in the tube will repair and calm inflamed skin.  It works by lubricating the sore sensitive passage ways and reduces the swollen hemorrhoid tissue.

The manufactures claim it’s so natural that you can eat the cream!

On a serious note it does not contain any petrochemicals, no steroids, no lanolin, no artificial, no glycerine preservatives, no parabens , no added fragrances, no alcohol, and its not tested on animals.

You can find more information about it here

 Tips and basic care for hemorrhoids

-          Stay clean in the anal area, take a bath or shower every day.

-          After going to the toilet, wash gently with a toilet paper soaked in water, wet towel baby or a wet cotton cloth.  It is best to avoid scented toilet paper.

-          In case of tingling, apply cold water compressed on the anus for about ten minutes, several times a day (3-4).

-          Some people find a warm bath helps as well but try not to add soap to the water

-          Use cotton underwear.  Lycra, acrylic and other synthetic fibres interfere with the evaporation of moisture.

-          As a general rule its best to avoid string coffee, alcohol, etc as research indicates it aggravates the condition

-          Also avoid lifting heavy objects, as this increases pressure in the veins.

If you have a hemorrhoidal crisis, then you can try to heal it naturally. Your lifestyle could help cure hemorrhoids, but you must always be careful what you do and what you eat, and listen to your body.

Creams and anti-hemorrhoids ointment as shown abvecan be very effective.  If ever you continue to bleed over a period of more than three days then see a health professional.













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