linden method vs panic away

Linden Method vs Panic Away


I'm probably in a better position than most to know which is the best Anxiety / Panic attack Treatment Program on the market.  If you read my story you will know that I suffered from extreme anxiety and panic attacks for about 10 years and researched anxiety extensively during that period.  Besides devising my own program to help anxiety sufferers I have also purchased and applied many other courses, including the Linden method and Panic Away around 2008/09.


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The Linden Method and Panic Away are the two most popular anxiety recovery programs on the internet and marketed to reflect that.  If you feel you need extra help in getting better then these two programs do offer exceptional support.  This is particularly useful in order to make sure you are following the techniques included in their programs correctly.  You may already be familiar with each program from reviews you have read on the internet.

Both are very good programs and where they differ from other forms of recovery programs is the level of help and support you get.  This is invaluable during the recovery process.  Both offer email, videos, audio, one to one tuition, phone support, etc.  This is where both programs come into their own.   

From experience I know a lot of the information in self help programs you can find for free on the internet (just see the articles on my website.)  I personally found books (see my resource page) a great help and offered great advice and were a lot cheaper than paid programs on the internet.  But anxiety and panic attack sufferers often get stuck in a circle of fear and although the cure maybe in front of them on paper, to have someone tell you where you are going wrong and reinforce the correct behaviour, is really the crux of the matter. 

We are all different, we feel different symptoms and each recovery will be different.  Having the support network in place or after sale service can really make all the difference.

Both programs offer great advice and each have there own unique strategies.


Before I go into a little more depth and review each program, if your thinkng of purchasing either the linden method or Panic away program I WOULD SUGGEST YOU SIGN UP VIA EMAIL TO EACH PROGRAM TO GET YOUR FREE INFORMATION PACK

When I started to follow a program of recovery my symptoms started to reduce.  This is the key to getting better.  If you follow a recovery program your chances of getting better increase 100%.  At my worst I was having several full blown panic attacks a day.  I was on the verge of agoraphobia and things that normal people take for granted like standing in queues, having a conversation, driving a car was extremely difficult and stressful.  Today I can say I no longer suffer from any of these issues.

By joining up to their Free Email Packs you will recieve lots of free useful information in a structured format.  

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Linden Method & Panic Away Reviews

Below I will give you my honest review of the Linden Method and Panic Away course that will hopefully help you judge if the program is right for you.

Both programs have a large element of cognitive behavioural techniques (CBT) at their core principle for treatment. 

CBT is particularly suitable for specific problems such as anxiety phobias, panic attacks, eating disorders and depression.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is based on the idea that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviours, not external things, like people, situations, and events.  The benefit of this is we can change the way we think to feel and act more positively, even if the situation does not change.

CBT helps you challenge your negative beliefs and to think about times when you have been successful or to consider what happens to other people in similar situations. Once you are thinking more realistically, you are encouraged to imagine how you would go about confronting a feared situation. You can then be gradually expose yourself to real life situations, and not feel any anxiety.

The Panic Away method

panic away sqThe Panic Away program designed by Joe Barry has a technique call the ‘one move’ which is one of the programs main principles for reducing the fear response. In my opinion it’s based on Claire Weekes techniques.   But that’s not to say that’s a negative, it’s a very important principle that needs to be learnt and applied.

Each method uses a slightly different approach.  Panic Away emphasizes the cycle of fear and anxiety, and how must be broken to end the cycle of panic attacks.  One of its main selling point is it can break these cycles and decrease the level of anxiety overtime.  It tends to suggest it can be done quite quickly - but in my experience its not that easy! It also states how to treat panic attacks in many different scenarios. 



The Linden Method approach

linden large rectangleThe Linden Method by Charles Linden uses the approach of explaining how our brains work.  The Linden explains how the Amygdala is really the centre of the problem.  It’s a small gland that’s located in our brain.  Anxiety tends to trigger it.

The amygdala (Latin, corpus amygdaloideum) is an almond-shape set of neurons located deep in the brain's medial temporal lobe.

Its shown to play a key role in the processing of emotions.  The amygdala forms part of the limbic system.

Its size is positively correlated with aggressive behaviour across species.

Conditions such as anxiety, autism, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and phobias are suspected of being linked to abnormal functioning of the amygdala, owing to damage, developmental problems, or neurotransmitter imbalance.

In order to get the amygdala to function properly the Linden Method has devised a simple technique that you need to apply which can restore you body to balance. 

The Linden Method advertises its NHS (UK National Health Service) recommended, but from the research I have done the NHS will not pay for an individual to go on the course. It also claims it’s supported by trained psychologists and counsellors, and it’s a member of The British Psychological Department and British Association of counselling & Psychotherapy (which I have no reason to doubt).  It also guarantees success or a refund.

Joe Barry's Panic Away ‘One Move technique’, and Charles Linden’s Panic Eliminator CD are both heavily advertised as a way of stopping panic attacks in their tracks.  It would be unfair of me to describe their technique but they are both quite similar.panic away video

The main thing with both programs is they move you forward and break the cycle of fear.  They do not offer a miracle cure as recovering from panic attacks and anxiety requires hard work, motivation and application.  But what you will find is that even if you have bad days you will not regress back to your old ways and any progress is not lost. On the whole I have positive experiences with both programs.  If you stick to the advice and techniques in both programs the good days will out number the bad, and you will see a gradual increase in confidence and your general health will improve.

Both courses offer help if you suffer from panic attacks whilst driving.  There is a section in the Panic Away course which I especially found helpful which deals with the problem of the dreaded morning anxiety/depression, (as does my course).

The Linden emphasizes a particular tool (distraction) that you can probably find in most good books on anxiety (I also discuss this briefly in my article, which obviously helped the founder of the program Charles Linden recover.

So what are you getting in the panic away program -

•Panic Away 245 page book, which forms the bulk of the coursepanic away small discs

•Panic Away DVD.  The DVD is like a fast track to recovery and covers the basics of the book.  Great if you prefer visual learning instead of the written word.

•You will get CD’s which show you how to release deep-seated general anxiety, end driving anxiety, eliminate night panic attacks, cease anxious thoughts, and stop fearing unusual bodily sensations.

•Support via email, one to one talking, etc.

Plus 2 Bonus sections

•Panic Attack Forum where you can discuss things with fellow anxiety sufferers

  • Panic Away Conversations ’New for 2014′

Here you will find the very best snippets of people who are using Panic Away discuss how they apply it.

  • This one audio program which should help ‘click’ Panic Away into place for most listeners
  • Hear how people applied the 21-7 Technique to end their anxiety
  • Situation specific advice, e.g. driving, setbacks, anxious thoughts

What can you expect in the Charles Linden Package -

The Charles Linden method offers a similar pack but is perhaps a little bit more comprehensive

  • The Linden Method Manual
  • The Fast Track Video
  • 1 Year of UNLIMITED, 24-Hour Email and Phone Supportlinden method small discs
  • 16 Audio Tracks
  • The Panic Attack Eliminator program
  • The NEW Pillars Video
  • 'Journey out of Agoraphobia' Audio program
  • 5 × 'Conquer with...' Video Presentations
  • IMMEDIATE Access to the program and support

Charles linden definitely goes into more detail about his personal story and its quite touching to read this.  I personally found the course was a bit more wide ranging as it covered PTSD, General anxiety Post traumatic Stress Disorder.  Also Charles Linden has more of himself in the program on his cd’s and DVD’s.

The guided meditation/relaxation I found OK.  Personally I find the ones on my resource page better, but that’s down to personal choice.

The course also advocates Qui Gong and Tai chi.  If you don’t know what these are then it’s a kind of meditation with a practice of aligning movement, breath, and awareness for exercise, healing, and introspection. With roots in Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts, Tai chi and qigong is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (chi) or what has been translated as "life energy”.

I did not take this part of course very seriously but there are free courses on you tube where you can learn the art of movement and breathing if you want more information.

The Linden Method has more detail on medications and coming off of them, but perhaps it could have gone into more detail about the differences of panic attacks in men and women.  In my treatment program I clearly state how hormonal changes, PMT, etc; affect the  female body.  You will get this information anyway if you purchase either course.

Charles Linden method also has the retreat which is basically a very grand building in the countryside where people can stay for a few days and have group and face to face meetings with experts in different fields such as lifestyle, diet, etc.  (This isn't part of the course but is an option if you want to pay extra!)

It’s fair to say I read both courses several years ago and I’m sure they have updated and slightly changed since then, but fundamentally they will be the same.

Both programs having been going for over ten years with Panic Away claiming it has sold over 150 thousand copies and the Linden method claiming 160 thousand.

Both programs you can download or buy physically via post.  So they are quite similar in that respect.   There is nothing revolutionary in what they are teaching.  But after you get better you probably don’t appreciate all the information inside the programs.  Everything seems easy when you know the answers, but it’s puzzling when you don’t.

I also want you to know they include no weird or fake techniques.  Both programs offer sound advice.  If you apply the tools and techniques included, overtime with practice you will start to see a reduction in your symptoms.   

The Linden method states its NHS recommended and has links to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence - British Association of Chartered Psychotherapists - British Psychological Society as discussed before.  As part of this association it offers –

  • Unlimited email and telephone support from our Anxiety Recovery Specialists (All qualified psychological staff with BACP/BPS registrations)
  • Reassurance and advice about fast elimination of your anxiety disorder, symptoms and thoughts
  • Life-practice advice in order to make the transition from anxious to non-anxious smoothly
  • Explanations of what your symptoms are, how they form and what to do to eliminate them

You can talk to their Specialists whenever you feel that you need to. No limits are set.

As Part of the Linden Method Home Learning Pack client you will receive:

  •  FREE, Unlimited sessions with registered Anxiety Elimination Specialists
  • Simple to watch and short video anxiety elimination instructions
  • Audio recordings to switch off panic attacks, relax and sleep soundly
  • An agoraphobia program to overcome the phobia with no exposure therapy
  • Access to 'in person' 'member only' sessions with Charles Linden himself
  • Dozens of relaxations, resources, reassurance videos and guidance
  • An Anxiety Elimination Guarantee - 'Recovery or full refund'

The linden Method also has a Kids (7-17 years of age) version which includes -

  • The Printed Linden Method Manual
  • The Fast Track to recovery on DVD
  • The NEW Pillars on DVD
  • The Linden Method Audio CDs
  • The Panic Attack Eliminator program
  • 1 Year of UNLIMITED, 24-Hour Email and Phone Support
  • Guidance for a parent
  • 'Journey out of Agoraphobia' program
  • 5 × 'Conquer with...' Videos
  • Immediate Access to Full Download Version!
  • Book - The Story of I Can't
  • 2x Junior Audio CDs

Both Panic Away and the Linden Method have countless quotes from satisfied customers although the Linden method definitely tries to promote celebrity endorsements more if you like that kind of thing.

I really wanted to make an important point that there is no miracle cure for anxiety and even when you feel like your old self again you will still feel anxiety - everyone does.  BE VARY WARY OF CLAIMS THAT YOU WILL BE PANIC ATTACK FREE WITH X AMOUNT OF WEEKS.  The program doesn't determine the length of treatment time - the person does. It took me months and months to see any real progress and if you have been suffering anxiety and panic attacks for many years it will take a similar time for you.

Perhaps panic away and the linden method didn’t emphasize the simple things you need to do everyday to get better.  That’s why ultimately I needed more time and effort in getting better.  I believe I have rectified this via what I call the Golden Rules in my program.

Where their programs differ and are superior to mine is they offer the one to one support via skype, telephone, email, etc.  A therapist’s advice can really make the difference not just by giving guidance on how to get better, but also by motivating and improving self esteem in the sufferer which is a big part in someone having the capacity to get better. Books don't do that as well as another person giving you that boost.

Self-help books can work, but having a therapist to talk too can make the difference.  Also be prepared you may need some tough love and hear things you may not want too in order to get better.

Both the Panic Away program and Linden Method have manuals over 200 pages long so you will need a good printer, unless you want to save and read them on your computer.  From speaking to other anxiety sufferers they often respond differently to each method.  Although sometimes the methods are quite similar, it really does depend on how well you connect with the structure of the program and the way it’s presented. 

Each method does not recommend medication and tries to get you to reduce it overtime in consultation with your doctor.

Both programs have audio downloads.  To be perfectly honest I prefer the relaxation/hypnotic audios I have bought from amazon as I have stated before.  You can find them on my resource page.

Although the claims on both websites seem to indicate some miracle cure, I can assure there not and they do require you to put hardwork, application and motivation into undertaking the course.  Do not be drawn into all the sales pitches and celebrity recommendations.

The great thing about being able to download both programs is you can pick out the important bits in the program and highlight them.  Perhaps take them with you folded up in your handbag or inside your glove compartment in the car for handy reference.

Both the Linden Method and Panic Away can be purchased via Amazon but at the time of writing this they were much more expensive as I suppose amazon take a cut from the sale.

I do particular like the panic away guarantee as it kind of fills you with belief that Barry Joe McDonagh is genuine about helping you.  This is taken direct from the website

barry-mcdonaghHave You Ever Seen a Guarantee Like This?

Panic Away has been sold online for over 10 years, and I’m SO confident that this program will get you results that I offer a “Keep the Program?” guarantee.

What that means is that if you do not get results with the program within the first few days of using it, you can simply email for a full refund and YOU GET TO KEEP THE PROGRAM. Yes, that’s right. Even if you order the printed pack you do not have to ship it back to us to get a full refund!

I am able to offer this type of unique guarantee because once people start using the program they really do GET RESULTS. Sure, a small percentage of people will abuse a guarantee where I take on all the risk, but as a whole, people are honest and do not seek a refund for something that transforms their lives and brings them a wonderful new sense of freedom.

The other reason I offer a “Keep the Program?” guarantee is because I need you to feel safe and secure in ordering from us and ensure you that you will not be let down or disappointed. This will not be a decision you regret!

Equally the Linden method is just as good..........

 charles linden


If you don't feel better within ONE WEEK...

...I will personally give you 90 minutes of my time FREE OF CHARGE to make it happen! Your anxiety should switch off quickly using my Method, so if it doesn't, I will tell you directly and personally how to make it happen, because there will be something you are doing incorrectly. You just have to register to talk with me in the Members Area, it's that simple! Then if it still doesn't work, you can get a full refund, if that's what you want! Charles Linden


Self Help Programmes such as mine are exactly that – they require you to help yourself and to put the effort in.  I consider the Linden Method and Panic away the next stage up as they also offer talking therapy which you may find more useful.  Remember whichever method you choose, they can be used as your sole anxiety relief programme or in addition to counselling and/or medication.

To conclude……

The Panic Away programme has a great support network with an excellent forum which is always busy with people on line. There are regular follow on emails and if you are someone who likes to be involved in a community, Panic Away is a good option.

Similarly the linden method is also a fantastic option if your after more help and one to one support and its generally more wide ranging covering other mental health related conditions

One of the main points of the Linden method is it works by educating you about the condition and combining relaxation and distraction techniques in combination to lower the arousal level of your brain.

Both the linden method and panic away have an ethos to get well without medication and use similar tools and techniques that I teach.  They need the sufferer to give genuine effort and commitment to the program and then they will yield results for many people. One of the problems with anxiety and depression is that they suck away the enthusiasm all so easily.  I can guarantee you will suffer setbacks – anyone who’s been in this position will know this - but if continue to persevere with the program you will lift yourself out of this dark hole.

I think perhaps the basis of any good treatment program for anxiety is common sense.  Everyone is looking for a quick fix miracle sure which doesn’t exist.  If it did, your doctor would proscribe it.  Perhaps if everyone looked after themselves more and enjoyed life, ate more healthily, didn’t abuse their body with drugs and put endless amount of chemicals on their skin they would immediately feel healthier anyway.  Remember if you live in the moment, stop regretting about things in the past and worrying about the future, you would go along way to curing yourself.  That’s of course easier said than done!

People often enter into the mental exercises taught in the Panic Away and Linden Methods half-heartedly.  You do have to put the work in. That’s where the email, phone support and one to one‘s come into their own to keep you motivated.   People often get use to having anxiety and just learn to live with it when you don’t have too.

I can assure you that both treatment courses are legitimate and highly effective programs.  Both were created by men who suffered with anxiety and panic for many years and worked out how to get better by trial & error. 

Both programs have been around now for about 10 years and are certainly not a scam. If it they were, they wouldn't have survived this long.

During my ten years or so of suffering from panic attacks I bought quite a few self help programs. The Linden Method and Panic Away are certainly one of the best programs you will find.  I would also read free material from the web or libraries.  I think its important you keep reading new material as there is always something you can learn from different authors and perspectives.  But I would also add its important you stick to one of the courses for several months, as jumping from one method to another is not going to help you get better.  I tried hypnosis, Thought Field Therapy and other  alternative therapies and none of them worked.  From experience I can assure you the tools and techniques in the 3 programs I am offering you are the way forward.   

It depends how much you want to stop these attacks.  I am actually now very thankful now I had anxiety, because all these changes I have implemented have made my life 100% better.  It sounds silly but I am grateful for having the attacks because they made me change.   I’ve become a better person and more considerate to other people’s needs as well as my own

I do have say that Joe Barry's book was very useful to me and it is less money that the Linden Method.  In my opinion its worth investing in these programs and learn from them, that’s how I beat anxiety.  Remember if you don't like them they do have a refund policy so get your money back.  Joe Barry’s Panic Away book is $67 which is nothing really if you want to reclaim back your life.   The linden method is a more expensive at $97 but is probably the more comprehensive program.

A tip that I would give someone today who is feeling anxiety is to get someone to go through exercises or tools stated in either program using the support you get with it.  Phone a councillor up and get some advice.  Talking to family and friends who don’t really understand what you’re going through will not inspire you to get through it.  Life is so much better on the other side if you take action and invest a little money and a lot of time in getting better. 

To recover, anxiety sufferers need 'supporters', not people who will bring them down and not understand their situation.  By surrounding yourself with positive people, you are sure to recover and be much happier.  The POSITIVE in positive panic attacks is there for a reason!

Both the Linden and Panic away courses are designed by people who do understand the condition, who have done their research and have produced programs that are proven to work.

Panic Away is less expensive than The Linden Method. Both offer excellent advice and personally I believe they are of equal value otherwise I would not recommend them. For some people, Panic Away works while for others it does not. On the whole the Linden Method may have the edge.

Both products come with a refund guarantee - no questions asked. In fact, having examined both of these products myself, I see the benefits of each approach. One will work for some, while the other will worth for others. It all depends on the individual.

During my recovery, the methods described in the Linden Method were the most effective, but everyone is different.

The only way to find the right one for you is to try them one at a time. Follow the instructions correctly, and if they don't work, try the other product.  But please give each course a chance to work.  Like I said before you have to stick at the course for several months.

I highly recommend Panic Away and the Linden method and have used both methods to help me personally overcome my anxiety demons,  but the choice is yours. 

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