Take care of your feet

Take care of your feet

A person walks 5,000 to 6,000 steps each day, and travels a distance equivalent to 2.5 times around the Earth in their life.  Here are some tips to avoid being part of the estimated 20% of people suffering from sore feet.

Clean your feet

Wash your feet carefully every day.  Do not bath them too long.  Then dry them, emphasizing between toes.  Good drying between the feet avoids some inconveniences, like the appearance of warts.

Wear appropriate footwear

The foot 28 includes bone, over thirty joints and many ligaments, blood vessels and nerves.  They are often enclosed in shoes.

Shoes that respect the anatomy of the foot

Wear shoes respecting the anatomy of the foot, whilst providing a correct posture, especially at the back of the foot.  Pay attention to any inner seams or excessively protruding assembly bits that could cause a foot injury.

Avoid closed plastic shoes

To avoid sweating, and the possible appearance of plantar wart, you should avoid wearing shoes closed in plastic.

Avoid high heels

Finally, you should know that high heels are the cause of calluses at the heels because they alter the weight distribution in the foot.

Have the sense to consult a podiatrist

Consulting a podiatrist can avoid or cure any type of disease: plantar warts, corns or ingrowing toenails.  Minor complaints can lead to serious complications if you don’t.  People with diabetes, the elderly, and persons suffering from osteoarthritis but also children and athletes at regular intervals should consult a podiatrist once a year on average.

Exfoliation and hydration

The secret lies in the having the correct the foot care: the exfoliation and hydration.  The scrub should be on previously moistened feet, with particular emphasis on calluses, especially on the heels.  Then, once the foot is dry, it is necessary to apply a moisturizer.

 For the well-being why not have a foot message.

The application of the cream and scrub are also a great opportunity for a relaxing massage.