Hello, my name is Tim Russell and welcome to positive panic attacks .com

I am going give you a short introduction to my website.  If you suffer from panic attacks, anxiety or stress, or maybe you know someone who does, or even if you would like to know more about it then you have come to the right place.

I’m just an average guy with no medical knowledge so why would I know how to help you.  Well I suffered debilitating panic attacks and anxiety for over 10 years.  I now how terrifying and frightening they can be.  At my worse I was having 3 or 4 panic attacks a day and it was struggle just to leave my house.  I had developed lots of phobias like being in crowds, going to the supermarket, being in queues, driving on motorways, crossing long bridges, heights, etc

I glad to say I am now panic attack free.  I have not had a panic attack in about 3 years.  Anxiety was a bit more stubborn to shift but I eventually overcome that as well. 

So how did I do it?

Well it was not easy and I cannot show you any quick fix.  I have tried most of them like hypnosis and thought field therapy.  It basically requires learning tools and techniques and applying them.

For me to explain now what you need to do to overcome panic and anxiety would take too long. So……..

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If you want to start now then please read my two article below which will give you an understanding of why this is happening to you. The two article are called

What are panic attacks?

The anxiety nervous system

Below that I have written articles that you should find helpful to answer questions you may have on why you are getting panic attacks which is the article around the head with lights coming out of it.  The articles around the sign saying this way for clam and this way for panic are more about what you can do to cure panic attacks.   

Very briefly I will give you an overview of what people do wrong when they have a panic attack or suffer with anxiety.

By far the two main reasons why people suffer from panic attack and anxiety are either though some sort of prolonged stress such as divorce, work issues, family problems, health issues.  Panic attacks tend to manifest themselves mostly in teenagers and young adults.  However child panic attacks are becoming increasing popular.

The other main trigger of panic attacks is not looking after ones self.  This is by either eating the wrong foods like too much sweet sugary things.  Keeping a constant blood sugar level is so important.  Drinking too much caffeine or alcohol.  Taking drugs.  Not eating nutritional food.   Not exercising enough or maybe too much.  Perhaps dieting too much.

This leads to panic attacks in some people if you’re predisposed to them.

Panic attacks are extremely common by the way.  About 1 in 3 people will have a panic attack.  A small proportion of these will go on to develop panic disorder and anxiety which means you have reoccurring panic attacks.  This because you become afraid of being afraid.  You’re afraid of having another panic attack and it’s a self fulfilling prophecy because then you have one. 

Once you understand and learn how panic attacks work, its goes along way to overcoming them. 

Most people fear either external situation or internal symptoms.  So external situation would be busy supermarkets, shopping centres, big events, etc.  There maybe other places where you feel trapped like cinema, driving, bridges, lifts, even talking to someone.

The internal symptoms are people being afraid of their heart stopping, legs going weak and feeling like there going to collapse, the feeling of their head going to explode (this is actually your muscles tightening) and feeling like their going crazy or mad, etc.  So anxiety produces lots of physical symptoms and they cause lots of negative thoughts.     

One of the problems that now arise from this feeling of fear from internal symptoms and external situations is worry.  People start to worry about what i

What if I have a panic attack?

What id I make a fool of them selves

What if I get too anxious and crash their car

What if I lose their job?

This makes the anxiety worse.  All panic attacks are, are just extreme anxiety boiling over to total panic. 

The frustrating thing is often we know there is nothing to panic about but we can’t help it.  Lots of people who have there first panic attack end up in A & E or their doctors in total bewilderment of what is happening to them.  They fear some dreadful disease. 

So by knowing what panic attacks are, why there happening and what you can do to stop and over come them, will bring you out of this cycle of fear and make you balanced, healthier and more positive person.  You will start to feel like your old self again. 

The free information below will start you on the path to recovery.  I take pride in providing all this information for free.  I have searched the internet and books for years for answers.  There are a lot of websites that promise the earth and then lead you to a sales page wanting your money.  This is one of the reasons I set up this website to give you free information on what really works. 

As I said before if you do nothing else I would recommend you sign up for my free eBook here.  The read the two articles below, followed by the other articles below that. 

I wish you all the best in your recovery.  Good luck!