The Amazing Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps


What are the health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps

himalayan salt lampCall it the new age, old age, or something in between, Himalayan salt lamps are exotic forms of negative ion delivery systems.

There is increasing scientific evidence from the holistic health community that claims a lamp or two installed in a house can offer amazing health benefits - especially if you suffer from a variety of bronchial and sinus problems. 

Looking for a natural comparison?

Imagine yourself on top of a mountain and breathing in purified air.  Exposure to a Himalayan salt lamp is regularly compared to this type of experience.  If you need more energy and less congestion in your life, converts are convinced that you are just a Himalayan salt lamp away from the top of a beautiful mountain top.

Salt Therapy History

Generations ago, people were regularly mining salt water, mineral water and salt to seek remedies for chronic congestion problems. 

The name given to this type of rehabilitation?  Speleotherapy. 

Salt has been used over the centuries to dry the bronchi and sinus cavities to rid them of bacteria and germs.  The natural evolution for the Himalayan salt lamp uses a bulb and / or low light candlewick to release negative ions from the salt crystals.

What to look for when shopping for salt lamps from the Himalayas

Choose a lamp that offers the greatest ion salt surface and disbursement.  Your lamp should be UL / CSA tested and approved and the best units are constructed of stainless steel or another material that will not rust or rot. 

Lamps which show signs they were just thrown together (for example, ampoules randomly pushed into the cavity of the salt crystal lamp and held in place with clips) stay away from.  Also ill-fitting bases may enable the infiltration of potentially dangerous water. 

Choose a complete unit (base, salt source bulb) in a soft pink or orange colour, these are most commonly found in salt lamps from the Himalayas.  The redder the colour, the higher the mineral content, so if you have a choice, go for more intensity.  Let your creativity guide you when choosing among the many shapes and sizes on the market.

Why Himalayan Salt has more therapeutic properties than others

Presented as the most pollution free form of salt on earth, Himalayan salt contains more than 84 minerals and trace elements.  Found at high places where there is no trace of pollution, Himalayan salt is light years from chemically modified salt reduced to a mixture of sodium and chloride on grocery shelves and rarely presented as beneficial to the human body. 

Himalayan salt, some proclaim, has links to the primal elements of our bodies which is why it claims to have many healing properties when negative ions are disbursed in its crystals.  To add to its mystique, authentic salt crystals come from the deepest mines of the land located in the foothills of the Himalaya Mountain.  The crystals are harvested by hand from mineral deposits in the soil of salt caves which have been dated by geologists to the Precambrian age.

 Where to place your Himalayan salt lamp for maximum benefits

Place a Himalayan salt lamp in your bedroom to help clear sinuses during the night, when the body's defensive system is more relaxed and receptive, and can help intensify your sleep experience.

Install one in the room where you relax - family room, dining room, living room - to refresh the air and make time for family, reading and more enjoyable recreation. 

Enjoy reduced strain by putting a Himalayan salt lamp to work in your home office.  You will not only transform the air you breathe, but you reduce the amount of office electromagnetic pollution the equipment disburses. 

Keep a nearby lamp when you're studying to increase your powers of concentration when you’re studying.  Practitioners of meditation extol the virtues of Himalayan salt lamps when used in conjunction with yoga, deep breathing meditation and other therapies.  Allergy sufferers are said to benefit greatly from exposure to the clean, naturally ionized air.

Add a Himalayan salt lamp in your work environment for increased productivity.

Massage therapists adopt Himalayan salt lamps in their arsenal of relaxing by installing them into treatment areas.  When placed in holistic and homeopathic medical clinics and offices of health practitioners, employees say they notice a difference when they treat patients after exposure. 

Finally, Feng Shu masters regularly introduce Himalayan salt lamps in the mix when they stage rooms to increase and improve the amount of chi (energy) in the air.  What is your favourite place? 


Since your goal is to be exposed to as many negative ions as possible being emitted from your Himalayan salt lamp, it bears repeating: choose one with the greatest amount of exposed surface of salt and select a colour with the greatest intensity.  Also, place the lamp closer to the person in need of therapeutic effects as possible, because even a large lamp will only positively affect the air by a few meters at most. 

As with all alternative health treatments please apply due diligence when shopping, because some Himalayan Salt Lamps are NOT THE REAL THING!