Best All Natural Appetite Suppressants Pills

Best All Natural Appetite Suppressants Pills

What is a natural appetite suppressant?

We all dream of losing weight quickly and easily.

Do you know that there are natural appetite suppressants which will help supress your hunger naturally?

They can be quite effective and also have the advantage of not putting your health at risk, as is the case with many prescription drugs.

Below are some natural slimming aids to stop you feeling hungry, so there will be no need for pills or chemicals to limit your appetite! 

Water, the first natural appetite suppressant!

waterWhen you drink a large glass of water or other unsweetened drinks, gastric fibres distend, which induces a decrease in hunger.  This appetite suppressant is therefore obtained by a stomach filling mechanism.  However because liquids quickly pass through the stomach, this can only be a short-term appetite suppressant. 

Soups meanwhile combine the mechanical satiating effect drinks have with that of healthy vegetables which are well known for their appetite suppressant qualities.

Raw vegetables

Rich in fibre, vegetables calm the feelings of hunger.  Note that consumption also requires significant effort chewing which sends signals to the brain that you are eating and filling up your stomach.

Fruits rich in pectin

Pectin’s are fibres which, in the stomach, form a kind of gel increasing satiety.  Some fruits provide greater satiety than others.  This is for example the case for an apple.  More about this later.

Foods rich in protein

The protein-rich foods, especially white meat (chicken breast, white turkey, veal cutlet, ham) and some fish (tuna, salmon), have an effect of an appetite suppressant.  The boiled egg, also rich in protein, provides an immediate feeling of fullness which is also long lasting.

Cereals Rich in complex carbohydrates

Pasta, rice, wheat, cereals are rich in carbohydrates that satiate quickly.   Consume often in small portions while being reasonable about adding sugary coverings.


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Above are popular natural capsule Appetite Suppresants.  If you click on the more info link it will take you through to reviews and more information on the product.  It goes without saying they are safe to take and can be one of the easiest way to suppress an appetite. 

Natural Appetite Suppressant Tea

natural appetite suppressant teaThere are various appetite suppressant drinks on the market.  Probably the most popular is Craving Crush - Weight Loss Tea and Natural Appetite Suppressant.  It's an all natural herbal supplement that contains caffeine from Green Tea (great for increasing metabolism between meals.)  The tea supports weight loss and helps purify the body from toxins and waste and release excess water.  For more info click here.

Natural Appetite Suppressants Foods

Below are more specific food products that act as a natural appetite suppressant -

The Egg White

egg whiteThe egg is a natural appetite suppressant because its protein is concentrated.  Research has shown that ingestion of egg whites stimulates the synthesis of glucose (sugar) in the intestine, which triggers the satiety (the feeling of being full up) process.

Tip for slimming: Eat a hard egg white before dinner with friends as this can help to avoid eating an appetizer and thus increasing your calorie intake.  But beware the yolk should not be on the menu, rich in fat, it has around 70 calories!


fishAll fish have the virtues of being an appetite suppressant.  Why?  Because they contain complex proteins that take a long time to digest.  In addition, these proteins act directly on the part of the brain responsible for hunger, sending a message of having a full stomach.  'The Omega 3 improves the use of sugar by the cells which has the effect of increasing the satiating properties of proteins', according to Gilles Mithieux, CNRS researcher.

Tip slimming: Contrary to what people think, omega 3 does survive being cooked.  However its best qualities when eaten raw or pickled.

Agar agar

agar agarIn Japan Agar is the slimming product of choice.  Agar is a plant which people use to make medicine.

People take agar to lose weight, especially in Japan.   It is known in Japan as “kanten,” and it is the main ingredient in “the kanten plan” or “the kanten diet.”

Agar has also been used to treat diabetes and constipation.

 In dentistry, agar is used to make dental impressions.

 In manufacturing processes, agar has a wide number of uses

- An ingredient in emulsions,



-some suppositories.

How does it work?

The agar swells in the stomach and forms a gel that traps fats and sugars.  This stimulates the intestines and forms a bowel movement. That’s why agar is commonly used as a laxative.

Agar has the effect of making people feel full, so they stop eating earlier than they would have otherwise have done.  So it’s become known as a natural slimming product due to its properties of forming as a gel.

Agar can be purchased here along with reviews of how effective it is.

Slimming trick 15 minutes before sitting down to eat, drink a cup of tea, coffee or soup added a teaspoon (or 1g) of agar.  Tasteless, odourless, you can also easily include your preparations (below 40°C, it solidifies).

Pine nut oil

pine nut oilConsumption of pine nut oil stimulates the action of the hormones responsible for conveying information of a full tummy to the brain.  The oil therefore partly reduces ones appetite!  This is certainly the conclusion of US researchers after a study of 18 overweight women.  Half an hour after the ingestion of pine nut oil, their appetite has decreased by one third!

Pine Nut Oil can be purchased here along with reviews of the product.

 Slimming Tip: Consider using it for your seasonings. 


konjacA plant from Japan, the konjac is an effective natural appetite suppressant with has glucomannan it. 

Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber, extracted from the roots of the elephant yam. It has recently gained considerable attention as an effective weight loss supplement.’

It forms a gel that fills the stomach and causes satiety.  Another advantage is its viscosity which reduces the absorption of fats and sugars by imprisoning the intestine.  It’s rich in fibre and best of all it has no calories!

Konjac as a supplmeent can be purchased here along with reviews.

Slimming trick: You can add it to your sauces, soups or mix in with your vegetables.


appleThe apple contains only a small amount of calories and has the advantage of containing pectin. 

Pectin is a natural gelling agent found in ripe fruit. Pectin is an important ingredient in making jams and jellies. The levels of pectin vary from fruit to fruit. Some fruits, such as citrus fruit, blackberries, apples, redcurrants, have high pectin levels. Others are low in pectin such as strawberries – so lemon juice is added to strawberry jam to help the set.

Apples also have the ability to stabilize the sugar levels in the blood, which calms the appetite.  But that's not all.  They also form a viscous gel in the stomach during the digestion which traps the fat consumed elsewhere.

Slimming Tip: Eat the apple with the skin (after taking care to wash it).  It is rich in fibre! 

The potato

potatoBoth starch and vegetable, the potato has the advantages of both families: it contains carbohydrates and fibre.  Starch takes longer to digest and is good at satisfying an appetite.  Starch diffuses slowly and can maintain the sense of satiety for up to 4 hours straight.  As for the fibres, they have the advantage that they swell and take up space in the stomach, reducing food cravings.


Bladderwrack is an algae whose fibres, polysaccharides, swell in contact with water, filling the stomach bladderwrackand reducing appetite.  They also trap the nutrients from the gut, which limits their passage through the blood and the calories of assimilation.  Finally, iodine increases energy expenditure by acting on the thyroid gland, which helps eliminate fat and weight loss.

Where can you buy it? As a herbal powder or capsule form here.

Slimming Tip: 1 teaspoon per cup, 3 times a day before meals, on the advice of an herbal doctor only. Bladder wrack does need medical supervision

Yeast peptides

yeast supplementStudies have shown that a mixture of yeast peptides results in a reduction of appetite greater than that obtained after consumption of protein (meat, egg, fish, etc. ...).  These proteins stimulate the central nervous system triggering the synthesis of anorectic neuropeptides, which has the effect of inhibiting the appetite centre in the lateral area of the hypothalamus. 

Where are they? You can find peptides in all yeasts.  They are sold in health food stores.  You can purchased it online here.












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