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After suffering from panic attacks and anxiety for over 10 years I was lost in a world of fear, frustration and bewilderment.  After trying every cure and quick fix treatment under the sun, I could not understand why I was not getting any better.   And then I found...........

The secret words

You're now probably wondering what is The Secret? .................................... 

The Secret is a combination of factors which come together to bring about a cure.  These factors I have named the Golden Rules.  You stick to the Golden Rules and YOU WILL get better. 

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My Recovery Program for overcoming Panic Attacks, Anxiety & Phobias is called The Secret because I use to think there was some secret top secretformula to curing myself that I needed to know in order to get better.  I bought every self-help program I could afford.   I tried Hypnosis, Talking Therapies, Thought Field Therapy, etc, and read every book I could on the subject.  However none seem to help me.  Year after year I was feeling incredible anxiety with daily panic attacks. 

I was feeling anxiety and getting panic attacks -

red ball In Social Situations red ball At the Dentists
red ball On Public Transport red ball Whilst Shopping
red ball At Work especially in meetings red ball At the Hairdresser
red ball Whilst Driving red ball Etc, etc

On top of this I developed lots of phobias along with terrible sensations such as -

red ball 2 Rapid heartbeat, skipped heartbeats, Palpitations red ball 2 Constant fear of death, a fear that there's something wrong
red ball 2 Sweating red ball 2 Feeling that I was going to faint or fall down
red ball 2 Hot flushes red ball 2 Shakiness in my voice & body
red ball 2 Restlessness red ball 2 Nausea & irritable bowels
red ball 2

Tightness around the head

red ball 2 Dizziness and Vertigo
red ball 2 Sensitivity to light red ball 2 Out-of-body experiences
red ball 2 Hyperventilation red ball 2 Tingling sensations
red ball 2 Breathlessness red ball 2 Obsessive worries

The Road to Recovery

With the knowledge I learnt over many years I started to implement a program.   This is when I started to see an improvement in my condition.  Over the forthcoming months I really started to feel like my old self again and I saw a massive positive change in myself.  The light bulbsymptoms of anxiety decreased and I could do things again that I used too.

Today, I have not had a panic attack in several years and my anxiety levels are low (normal.)  My life has been transformed and totally turned around compared to what it was like to live with anxiety and panic attacks. 

The Secret lies in having the knowledge to overcome this perfectly curable condition and implementing a program of recovery using The Golden Rules

I also called my program of recovery The Secret because like me, you probably like to keep the fact you suffer from anxiety a secret.  It certainly was my big secret and I tried to hide it from even my closest friends and relatives.

My program works.  It has worked for me and thousands of other people.  Some of the methods I teach you will have heard of before, some will be new.  They are tried and tested methods that will help you not just cope, but cure yourself of panic attacks and anxiety.

circle of fear

Why is Anxiety So Debilitating ?

Quite simply it's the Circle of Fear.    It's quite easy to get stuck in the cycle of fear but very difficult to break free from. 

One of the most common reasons why people don't get better with anti-anxiety medication or talk therapy, through to alternative treatments like hypnotherapy and acupuncture is they don't treat the root cause which is fear.  They also don't treat the problem from different angles.  brainThis program has a Holistic approach combining many techniques and therapies to cover every aspect of treatment you will need to get better.

This course will teach you how to integrate these tools & techniques into your life.  The results will have a calming effect on your body.

I want you to know your condition is 100% curable and it's time for you to learn the facts from someone who has been there and come through the other side.  I want to tell you the truth about anxiety and panic attacks.  I am going to instil a new positive belief in you and develop your courage and assertiveness.

I bet you are currently feeling all sorts of nasty sensations because your body is sensitized.  Every heartbeat, headache, thought, hot-flush is magnified 100%.  I will teach how to de-sensitize your body so you feel 'normal gain'.  Many sufferers feel they will lose control and do something stupid.  I can assure you this will not happen. 


stressed tv


  • Mental tricks and techniques that can short circuit the mounting anxiety before it reaches panic attack level.
  • Which foods can trigger panic attacks and which can stabilise you.
  • How panic attacks are related to body chemistry.
  • How your thoughts influence your body.
  • What causes panic attacks.
  • Why the cycle of panic attacks and anxiety continues.
  • What the symptoms of panic attacks are.
  • And most importantly, how to recover from panic attacks and not just cope with them. 


Once you learn about the environment required to manifest panic attacks you can begin fighting back - but in the correct way.  

You will also learn vital life skills and a new attitude that will help your transition back into an anxiety free life.  I will show you that you can wake up everyday, excited by the opportunities  and experiences life will deliver in the future, instead of dreading it.

The programme will teach you to -

green arrowDiscover the key to overcoming Panic attacks  

green arrowTake the fear out of social situations and stressful situations at work. 

green arrowLower your anxiety levels easily and quickly, reducing the anxiety symptoms.    

green arrowFeel more powerful, confident and in control knowing how successful people deal with making mistakes.  

green arrowTriumphantly face the things you fear and stop avoiding the people and situations that cause anxiety.  

green arrowOvercome the fear of failure and stop being a perfectionist.  

green arrowHave fantastic self-esteem and be able to express yourself.  

green arrowCommunicate effectively without feeling uncomfortable and developing panicky feelings.      

green arrowGenerally feel more relaxed and overcome the hurdles to calmness.  

green arrowStop obsessive thinking and give yourself a positive outlook on life.  

green arrowDiscover why those panic symptoms are simply all bluff.  

green arrowEnjoy your life again and live in the moment.  

green arrowStop over analyzing every decision and thinking about what other people think of you.  

green arrowLearn how to stop night-time panic attacks and difficulty sleeping.  

green arrowLearn how to breathe properly and how to stop hyperventilation (over breathing).  

green arrowHow to bring about a life change and to create the life you want.  

green arrowBring about real change by eliminating obsessive thoughts, worry and those dreaded ‘what if’ thoughts   

green arrowHow to create realistic thoughts of yourself and the world around you  

green arrowHow what we eat and drink effects are mood, bodies and panic symptoms  

green arrowMoving away from the reliance of prescription drugs

The Course Covers

 Anxiety - Depression - Panic Attacks - Phobias - Agoraphobia - OCD - PTSD - Obsessive Thoughts (However its main aim is to treat Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobias)

So you're probably wondering what exactly does the program entail.  Unlike other Anxiety and Panic Attack programs I will be 100% transparent and tell you exactly what's in the course.

front cover  





blue arrow You will receive an eBook (approx 400 pages) which includes the Golden Rules you must follow in order to get well.  If you click here you will find a breakdown of what exactly is in the eBook and how it's broken down into chapters and titles.
blue arrow You will receive a FREE Bonus chapter on How to Overcome Phobias.  Phobias are commonly developed by people who suffer with anxiety and panic attacks.
blue arrow You will also get FREE worksheets you can use to implement the strategies I teach in the program.
blue arrow Finally you will receive FREE lifetime uptimes to the program in whatever format they are produced, whether that's written, audio or video.

So how much does the program cost?

pay what you want



The course took me 18 months to write in my spare time and combines over 10 years of knowledge and experience gained from having anxiety and panic attacks, and of course recovery techniques to get well again.

take actionTaking Action is one of the aims of the program.  If you're REALLY serious about getting better then I urge you to buy the program and implement the Golden Rules.  If you continue to live life the same way you have been, then you are likely to keep suffering.  I wasted 10 years of my life to this perfectly curable condition.  DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS ME.


einstein Have you heard Einstein's famous quote - "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

The main reason why I see people not breaking free anxiety is they make the same mistakes over and over again.

I am so confident it will help you I will give you a full refund within the first 30 days of purchase if you feel the course it not for you.  The course is so full of tips and tools to improve your life I guarantee you will see an improvement.

Do you recognize yourself in these situations (I certainly recognize myself!) -

crystal ball Do you worry about attending future events?
crystal ball Do you think there is something wrong with you, but the doctors can't find anything?
crystal ball Are you afraid to leave the house?
crystal ball Do you hate standing in queues?
crystal ball When you drive, are you afraid of stopping at red lights, crossing bridges and driving on motorways?
crystal ball Are you uncomfortable in Public Places, Cars/Trains/Planes, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Meetings, Get-togethers, Parties, etc... Simple things "normal people" can do without fear?
crystal ball Do you Fear The Fear!  Are you afraid to have another Panic Attack and avoid certain things.  Do you feel sad/disappointed because of this?
crystal ball Do You feel other people don't understand what you're going through and how sacred and ill you feel.  They say things like "pull yourself together" and "it's all in your head"...............if only they knew.
crystal ball Do you dread being alone  (who's going to help me when something happens?)
crystal ball Do you worry about what other people think of you? 
crystal ball Do you constantly feel nauseated, dizzy, have a pounding heart, shortness of breath, pain in your chest, etc?
crystal ball Do you think something is drastically wrong with you, but the scans and blood tests are normal.  You may be well known at your Doctors surgery as you have visited on numerous occasions. 
crystal ball Have you ended up in A & E or called an ambulance because you thought you were having a heart attack or another SERIOUS condition, but they never found anything wrong and just dismissed it as stress.
crystal ball Do you have obsessive thoughts that make you think your cracking up?
crystal ball Do you want to CONTROL every situation.  If you don't, you feel panicky and anxious?
crystal ball Do you try to please everyone and feel 'guilty' if you don't?
crystal ball Are you a high achiever and have high expectations of life and yourself?
crystal ball Do you get annoyed and upset if other people don't meet you're expectations?
crystal ball Do you try to put other people first and often do not have much 'me' time?
crystal ball Do you constantly worry about the future and have lots of anticipation anxiety?
crystal ball Do you feel exhausted most of time and feel there is no escape from how you feel?
crystal ball Etc, Etc.....................

So Why is this Program Different?

tipsI will give you a life plan to get well.  I will give you the knowledge along with tips, tools and techniques to get better.  Within a few months you WILL see a drastic turnaround in your health.  That's a promise.

Most people only start to implement techniques when they feel anxiety - this is wrong

Most people eat the wrong foods - this is wrong

golden rule3Most people add second fear to first fear - this is wrong

All the Golden Rules are in a simple and easy format to understand.  There is no technical jargon or medical talk.  Most of the techniques in the Golden Rules are to be followed when you're feeling calm and will help to stop anxiety turning to panic attacks.  Overtime the scary feelings you feel at present will diminish.


What I will Not Promise You

It takes time, courage, hard-work and will power to overcome anxiety.  I know you have all these attributes inside because people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety show tremendous courage every day, just to do things that most 'normal' people take for granted. 


That's the 64 million dollar question.

That's why I allow a full 30 day for a refund.  It will take many weeks to work through the program, but within 4-6 weeks you should see the green shoots of recovery.

Depending on how ill you were at the beginning and how long you have suffered from anxiety, it may take many months before you really feel well  again.




I do not know your journey to reach here....

You may have tried hypnosis, Doctors, Psychotherapy, Acupuncture, EFT, Cd programmes, eBooks............

Well I have tried all of these and through trial and error I found the tools and techniques that work.

Sometimes the solutions are so obvious we miss them. I do certain things now that are so easy to implement and they make such a difference to my life. 

My recovery program is simple to implement.  My aim is to make the process straightforward so that a child or OAP can implement the steps to recovery.

All the other solutions just didn't seem to work until I found a core of techniques that bring success over and over again.

Also I identified TRIGGERS that cause panic attacks and anxiety. These roadblocks are crucial to eliminate if you want to get better.

What the program will teach you

  You'll learn things like:

 spiral ball What are YOUR Personal Specific Triggers that give you anxiety Symptoms? spiral ballTHE SPIRAL OF SUCCESS OR FAILURE?
 spiral ball How you can Stop Your Symptoms without medication?
 spiral ball I will teach you numerous methods to stop panic attacks in their tracks.
 spiral ball How to remove morning depression & anxiety, along with burn-out symptoms that make you want to stay in bed, so you don't have to face the day. 
 spiral ball I will tell you what foods trigger panic attacks and what foods will promote relaxation and balance within the body
 spiral ball I  will teach you how to relax.
 spiral ball The thoughts which can continually cause anxiety and how you can implement thoughts to make yourself healthy again.
 spiral ball I will stop you having spontaneous or 'out of the blue' panic attacks.
 spiral ball You will learn life skills that will make you a stronger, positive & more courageous person.
 spiral ball Why Medications don't work and why natural products are a better alternative.
 spiral ball Why your attitude will determine if you fail or succeed?

Freedom to live Again

freedomSoon you will be able to look back at anxiety and laugh knowing its' history.  Your confidence will grow and you will start living life again on your terms.  You will start to feel like you have control over your life again.  The methods I teach will work time and time again, so what works once will work again.  The nightmare will be over for good.


You Deserve a Medal?

medalDealing with anxiety every day and having to go to work or bring up children is not easy.  You have probably shown more courage than most people do in a lifetime.  To get up every day and face the day when you're not feeling well shows real bravery, especially as unlike a physical injury you cannot show how ill you feel.  There is no shame in suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.  Generally only sensitive, thoughtful and intelligent people tend to suffer from anxiety.

The frustration of your friends or relatives not understanding how you feel when you try to tell them can be hurtful ,especially when they say things like "pull yourself together".  One of the great aspects of recovery is being able to stand up for yourself and not allowing other people to walk over you. You are about to release the power you have inside you to succeed not only in recovering, but living a successful life.

I want you to be able to help others and be able to show friends and family that in times of stress, you can take control of the situation and be a crux of support for other people.  You will be in a unique position to have a personal insight into this condition.  In the future you will be able to help friends or relatives with similar issues.




You may ask if everyone is unique and everyone's experiences are different how can one approach suit everyone?

golden rule2Well it's quite simple - The Golden Rules will cover all aspects to help everyone.  Some people will respond better to certain techniques but that's to be expected.  The Golden Rules encompasses a multi-level strategy to deal with various symptoms related to anxiety.

As regards past experiences, to be honest it does not really what happened in the past.  The past is the past.  This program will help you now and more importantly in the future to be healthy again.


ONLY BUY THIS PROGRAM IF..........................

Don't waste your TIME and MONEY on this recovery program if you not serious about getting well


 Purple arrow I will ask you to practice techniques I show you.
 Purple arrow I will stress the importance of perseverance.
 Purple arrow I will ask you get motivated to study and take on board what you need to do to get better.
 Purple arrow The methods I teach are based on science and I have drawn on tools used by many cultures in some cases over hundreds of years.
 Purple arrow If you think medication is the only real cure then this course is probably not for you.  If you think your anxiety is just a small hindrance and not something that's really affecting you then you are unlikely to put the effort in required to eliminate it.
 Purple arrow If you feel you this course is for you then come on board and be part of the Positive Panic Attacks community and start your journey to freedom.  What have you got to lose?

Why this program will be different

The program is a complete holistic approach

It is not NLP, Hypnosis, Acupuncture or other weird Voodoo solutions that will make you believe you are cured and then the next day you realize your back success failureto square one.

This program will deal with the root causes.  This may take time, but it will be worth it.  I think anxiety is a bit like building a house.  A solid house may take time to build, but houses which survive the worst storms are built on the best foundations.

I can assure you fighting the symptoms will not work, nor does running away from them.  Also I don't want you just to cope for the rest of your life, living under a cloud of fear.

What most people don't realize is that panic attacks, phobias, obsessive thoughts are all caused by anxiety.  We aren't born suffering from anxiety it's learnt behaviour.  I can show you how to unlearn this behaviour and turn you into a stronger and healthier person before you started feeling this way.

How does this program actually work?

funAll the techniques in The Positive Panic Attack Program are designed to allow your body to heal naturally. The corner stone of any recovery program is to let your own body heal itself by activating the parasympathetic nervous system

Once your anxious mind is no longer stimulating the stress response, you will quickly begin to feel more like your old self again. In addition to this, you will learn how to stop panic attacks from occurring by short-circuiting the panic loop and ending the cycle of fear.  It's now time to start having fun!


 Take Action Today

doorOne of the many steps to recovery is taking action.  The biggest mistake of all is taking no action or decision.  How will tomorrow be any different if you do not take action today? I know you have probably tried and failed before (I know I did) because you did not have the correct tools to help you. I can assure you from experience anxiety and fear tend to spread into other areas of your life.   Unless you actively learn to fight it - but in the correct way - it can get worse.  Decide that TODAY is the day for action.

This is about improving the quality of your life dramatically. In fact this could be the most important decision you made in a long time.  Having the Freedom to do things without anxiety hanging over you is a basic human birth right!  You must make the move towards an anxiety free life. It will not find you.