What does the course cover?

In 2014 I decided to create a an online anxiety course to help people overcome stress, panic attacks, phobias and anxiety.  If you read my story you will know I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for many years.  Once I became better I wanted to help other people overcome this condition which is perfectly curable if you understand the mechanics of how it works.

If your thinking of taking the course then congratulation on taking action to free yourself from anxiety and panic attacks.  By reading my course you are on the right track to create a healthy, happy life you deserve.  No matter how long you have been suffering from panic attacks, and how overwhelming the panic has been, it needn’t take over your life.   Please know that you are not alone, and you CAN feel better. 

This program aims to offer practical straightforward advice which can easily be implemented without medical technical jargon.

The valuable strategies, tools and insights included in my online course will help you discover your own path to recovery.  This program is designed to empower you to educate yourself on what anxiety and panic attacks are, and most importantly, how to put this knowledge into practice in your daily life to cure yourself. 

I would also like to acknowledge the people who have helped me along the way to get better.  I learnt many things from these people, and some of the advice they gave me is in this course.

By guiding you through easy-to-follow techniques, the course strategies are designed to help you not only discover why you are experiencing panic attacks, but to provide you lasting freedom from panic and give you inner peace and happiness. 

As you work though the program feel please free to personalize the program to best suit your needs. I can assure you if you actively apply the techniques, tools and principles laid out in the program in your daily life, you will reap the rewards and feel better.  


  • Mental tricks and techniques that can short circuit the mounting anxiety before it reaches panic attack level.
  • Which foods can trigger panic attacks and which can stabilise you.
  • How panic attacks are related to body chemistry.
  • How your thoughts influence your body.
  • What causes panic attacks.
  • Why the cycle of panic attacks and anxiety continues.
  • What the symptoms of panic attacks are.
  • And most importantly, how to recover from panic attacks and not just cope with them. 

Once you learn about the environment required to manifest panic attacks you can begin fighting back- but in the correct way.   The Golden Rules will give you the knowledge to succeed and break free from panic.    I would not suggest reading my course as fast as you can and then putting the program away.  You will not achieve any benefit in doing this.  Conquering panic disorder is not a race.  You don’t achieve freedom from panic attacks by rushing through this and saying I’m must be cured now!   PRACTICE, PRACTICE and MORE PRACTICE of the advice and tools set out in this program are the keys to success.   By actively applying the techniques you will achieve POSITIVE RESULTS.   

There is no magic cure for panic attacks, I know because I have tried most of them!  Any website, book or person claiming otherwise is simply wrong.

Take time to really understand the benefit and life-changing techniques in this program by putting them into action in your own life.  You will be glad you did.


Before I set out to create this program I wrote down some key objectives that will be gained from actively following my program.  By repeatedly putting the ideas and strategies into practice you will be able to


 arrowblue Feel more powerful, confident and in control
 arrowblue Lower your anxiety levels easily and quickly, taking the fear out of the anxiety symptoms. 
 arrowblue Take the fear out of social situations and stressful situations at work.
 arrowblue Discover the key to overcoming Panic attacks.
 arrowblue Triumphantly face the things you fear and stop avoiding the people and situations that cause anxiety.
 arrowblue Learn what successful people know about making mistakes.
 arrowblue Overcome the fear of failure and stop being a perfectionist.
 arrowblue Have fantastic self esteem and be able to express yourself.
 arrowblue Communicate effectively without feeling uncomfortable and developing panicky feelings.   
 arrowblue Generally feel more relaxed and overcome the hurdles to calmness.
 arrowblue Stop obsessive thinking and give yourself a positive outlook on life.
 arrowblue Discover why panic symptoms are simply all bluff.
 arrowblue Enjoy your life again and live in the moment.
 arrowblue Stop over analyzing every decision and thinking about what other people think of you.
 arrowblue Learn how to stop night-time panic attacks and difficulty sleeping.
 arrowblue Learn how to breathe properly and how to stop hyperventilation (over breathing).
 arrowblue How to bring about a life change and to create the life you want.
 arrowblue Bring about real change by eliminating obsessive thoughts, worry and those dreaded ‘what if’ thoughts.
 arrowblue How to create realistic thoughts of yourself and the world around you.
 arrowblue How what we eat and drink effects are mood, bodies and panic symptoms.
 arrowblue Moving away from the reliance of prescription drugs.

The POSITIVE in Positive Panic Attacks is there for a reason.  After having panic attacks for over ten years and coming through this, I feel a more positive person.  I AM NOW ACTUALLY GLAD I HAD PANIC ATTACK DISORDER.  Why? Because I’m a better person for it.  I know now that

  • I cannot just eat and drink rubbish and expect my body to function well. 
  • I cannot think negatively and expect to feel great.

  • I much more ‘in-tune’ with my body and with other people’s feelings.

  • I am happier and more contented with my life than ever before.

The program will make you understand how to cure panic and anxiety but what after that?  My intension is to go further than this and introduce positivity into your life.  This will take you to a much calmer and happier place than before you started to have anxiety and panic attacks.  

The benefits include –

Increasing your self-esteem and confidence to a new high

Get excited by the future instead of fearing it

How positive self talk can transform your life

Using helpful natural foods and supplements to improve how you feel

How being assertive can help you achieve goals in life

How to react calmly to future stressful events that we cannot avoid

How decision making helps to eliminate worry

Using affirmations to reprogram your mind to bring lasting change

Enjoying a healthy body and mind to feel magnificent

Discovering the benefits of exercise

How relaxation techniques can take your body to another level of peace and tranquillity

How your diet is the key to keeping your body in a balanced state.

Some programs focus on quick fixes; this is really no fix at all.  The goal of this program is to provide a long term solution.  The program is designed to give a ‘whole person’ approach.  This means I address a mind, body and spirit approach to give you the opportunity to take responsibility for your health.  As you work through the program remember you are the key to your success.  Every person is unique and therefore every recovery program will be unique.  So please work on the areas which are especially causing you the most anxiety rather than things you might already be doing well. Personalize the program to meet your specific needs and situations.

The Circle of Despair


If you were anything like me you probably feel very alone, and there is nobody in the world who feels the same as you.  I can assure you that you’re not alone.  After suffering from this myself and talking to countless other sufferers, I have heard every strange, weird and wonderful sensation that you have felt.  We are all different so we don’t fit into a nice, neat category.   But most of the symptoms listed in my online course I’m sure you would have felt in some shape or form.

You may think that your weak asking for help and letting this darkness into your life.  I can assure you, you are not.  Panic attack sufferers show more courage everyday than most people do in a life time.  To walk down to the shops and buy a loaf of bread if you are fearful of going outside in social situations, takes immense bravery that most people cannot imagine. 

If you think fighting and whipping your body into action will beat panic attacks you are sadly mistaken.  The more you fight the worse it gets.  This course will give you the tools you need to succeed.  Tensing up, clenching your teeth and going head first into battle will only make things worse.

The circle of despair is something I experienced for many years.  I often looked to the heavens wondering what I have done to deserve this.  Well you and me did nothing wrong.  Our only crime was we didn’t have the knowledge to recover.  I will show you using the Golden Rules a plan of recovery.  What to eat, how to think, techniques to short circuit anxiety and how to bring your body chemistry back to a balanced state.  I’m excited that I can show you this and I thank you for coming along with me for this journey.  We can both do this together.  If you need to contact me along the way please do not hesitate to contact me via email.  There may be times you get down hearted or frustrated but please all you need to do is apply the techniques shown in my course and your confidence will grow.  Dismiss the advice and you will just keep going around in circles.

If you feel that your cause is hopeless that simply is not true.  The fact you are reading this means you are ready to learn and open your mind to new possibilities.  Some of the advice you may have seen before in my course.  If you have it’s probably because it’s great common sense advice and it works.  So don’t just ignore it.  APPLY THIS TO YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE.  SUCCESS WILL ONLY HAPPEN IF YOU TAKE STOCK OF YOUR LIFE AND INTRODUCE A NEW LIFE CHANGING APPROACH.  You are not alone anymore.  By joining my course your love for life will return making you want to live life to the full again. 

What to Expect if you Want to get Better

My course will help you overcome anxiety, panic attacks, stress and phobia’s.  At the end of the course you should have achieved a significant improvement in your condition. 

The aim is to cure you rather than just give you coping strategies.   I am going to tell you straight from the start that if you apply the tools and techniques in my course you will see results.  Recovery will take time and I will never promise any quick fixes because there is none, (except perhaps medication in the short term.)  The next bit is down to you.  Only if you persevere and apply the tools I will show you will you see a reduction in the horrible feelings you have been feeling.  Only if you make it your No 1 priority over the next few months will you succeed.  You are going to have to make sacrifices to your diet, family and friends, your behaviour and the way you think.  In short you’re going to have to be selfish and start putting yourself first and concentrating on getting well. 

On top of this, the program will ask you to incorporate a new lifestyle, consider it tough love.  By the end you will feel so much better and you will have your love for life back and more energy to do the things you want.  HAVE A LEAP OF FAITH.      I can assure the principles I will show you (many of which you will have heard in various forms before) work, and will lead to a fuller and happier life.  

Pay What You Want

I really wanted to set up a course where people could choose to pay what they wanted and by results.

There are too many fake people on the internet who claim miracle cures but are really just after your money.

If you choose to acquire the course you have probably taken one of the biggest step forwards in your recovery by doing this.  You are to be commended for taking action which is where progress happens by –TAKING ACTION.

By the end of the program you should be able:

  1. To approach challenges in your life with more self–confidence
  2. To live a fuller and more normal life
  3. To enjoy many of the situations you currently fear

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is aimed at anyone who has anxiety, panic attacks or phobias which is restricting their lives.  Everyone experiences anxious moments from time to time, but for people experiencing acute anxiety everyday along with panic attacks, it can be debilitating.  Usually there is something wrong in the person’s life for this happen.  The program will endeavour solve these issues. 

Anxious people have very little resistance to stress.  People with this kind of bad habit (don’t think of it like an illness, it’s just a bad habit!) often find their fears and anxieties spread to other areas of their lives. At worst it can lead to them suffering agoraphobia.  (An abnormal and persistent fear of public places or open areas, especially those from which escape could be difficult or in which help might not be immediately accessible.)  People with agoraphobia frequently have panic disorder (re-occurring panic attacks.)  People with mild agoraphobia often live normal lives by avoiding anxiety-provoking situations. In the most severe cases of agoraphobia, the victims may be incapacitated and homebound.

The program is for

  • Young or old people.
  • Whether you have anxiety, stress, phobias or panic attacks (it will treat all of them).
  • People who have been experiencing the above conditions for a few months or decades.
  • Whether you’re male or female (statistically females are more at risk).

How will the program work?

There are basically two elements.

  • This printed eBook which will recommend other mediums such as relaxation music, relaxation cd’s, books, etc.
  • Recognizing your unique problems, learning how to overcome them and then practising and reinforcing your new behaviour.

I want to make three important points before we go any further –

  1. Everyone experiences anxiety its part of the way our bodies are built.  This course will not stop you from having anxiety at all.  What this course does offer is a cure for panic attacks and long term anxiety.  I want you to achieve a recovery in the sense that you can cope with everyday life stresses as ‘normal’ people do.   So if a bus suddenly pulls out in front of you whilst you driving you will probably feel anxious all of a sudden and hopefully brake!  That’s the kind of anxiety we want because it’s helpful and speeds up our reactions.   What we don’t want is the hour upon hour of feeling anxious and nervous, especially in the mornings (morning anxiety.) Coupled with having panic attacks when things get too much.

  2. Nothing from the outside actually harms you or will cure you.  Let me explain.  When you feel anxious or panicky, the fear comes within.  Although you may fear social activity, shops, queues, or whatever triggers your fears, the real fear is within.  It’s not anything in the outside world.  The program is here to show you this and will also show you that the cure comes from within.  Only when you change how you perceive certain events will you see real change.

  3. Nobody has ever died of a panic attack.  No matter how ill and scary the attack makes you feel, I know you have always survived and come through the other side.  I have probably had thousands of panic attacks.  I can say now that although they were awful, they did not harm me in anyway. 

So I hope the above has motivated you to read on and make you rethink any preconceived ideas you had about your condition.  I cannot magically make you feel better.  What I will next show is the tools and techniques to help you slowly climb out of the darkness towards to the light again. 

How to prepare yourself for this program

  • Anxiety and depression can go hand in hand.   I believe I was suffering from low level depression whilst I was suffering from panic attacks.  I had certainly lost my zest for life during the 10 years or so I suffered from panic attacks and anxiety.  Although this course will definitely help you lift out of the doom and gloom of depression, it’s not specifically designed for depression.  If you’re suffering from severe depression and even had suicidal thoughts I would urgently ask you to go and see your GP.  If you can get this under control you are much more likely to recover from panic and anxiety attacks and this in turn will help your depression.


  • If you drink alcohol especially to the point of getting drunk I would ask you reduce your intake to the point where you stop.  I will write much more on the effect of alcohol later in the program but you will need to get the point where you become tee total.  Alcohol is one of the main causes of panic attacks and anxious feelings. People often use it to self medicate.   If you want to take this course seriously – you will have to give up the booze.


  • Consult with your doctor if you are on medication.  Sedative drugs (tranquillizers) mask the symptoms of anxiety.  So any progress you make you will have to make again once you come off the medication.  I have no problem with people being on medication.  I was on it myself for two periods.  It definitely helped me get over the worst.  However I do not believe a full recovery can be achieved on medication.  This course does not advocate taking medication.  I would ask you visit your GP to consult over a long term plan to slowly come off the medication as you implement this course.  As you come off the medication your confidence will start to grow to compensate.


  • I know this course can help you whether you are experiencing high levels of anxiety and several panic attacks a day, or if you have only just begun to feel anxious or stressed on a daily basis.   Please take into account we are all unique.  If you’re experiencing high levels of anxiety please take things more slowly and don’t push yourself too much.  It’s much better to take a small step forward and feel more confident, then take a big step forward and feel overwhelmed and worse than ever.


  • I don’t know what has triggered your anxiety but you are now probably finding specific situations, places, objects or creatures (such as driving, social events, bridges, being alone, feeling trapped, heights, etc.) frightening.   This course can definitely help you overcome these fears, and teach you the difference between simple phobias and complex panic inducing phobias.


  • You must want your life to significantly improve.  If you’re not willing to put the time and effort in, then you’re unlikely to see the benefits of this program.  Think of the New Zealand team just before a rugby union game when they perform the Hakka.  Think of yourself like them -warriors before a battle, proclaiming their strength and prowess in order to intimidate the opposition (panic attacks & anxiety). I want you to be motivated and have a great thirst for knowledge and commitment to overcome this condition.

At various stages I will ask you to write and make notes to express how you feel, or to write affirmations. It’s important you do this as it forms part of the course and will help you achieve your goals.  I will provide worksheets which will help you do this.  I have specifically not set time limits or asked you to complete each step by a certain time.  I do this because what I’m asking for is a lifestyle change.  You will need to implement all the steps for the rest of your life in order to see full results and lasting change.  No excuses, you need to go into this full heartedly with the strength and conviction of someone who will succeed.  YOU HAVE THE INNER STRENGTH TO BEAT THIS.  WE ALL DO.

The biggest reason why somebody might fail is they don’t integrate the steps into their life.  If you’re reading this and you are suffering from panic attacks and anxiety and have been unable to overcome this, then there are probably a number of things in your life stopping you from recovering.  You must overcome these roadblocks.  The speed in which you do this is not that crucial the point is every day you make progress.


“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be   encumbered with your old nonsense.”
  ¯ Ralph Waldo Emerson